Do you want to get your parents to buy you something expensive? If your answer is yes, then make sure you read to the end and apply every step I have listed here. If you miss one of the steps, your parents might see through your smoke screen and figure out that you might want to manipulate them.

Getting your parents to buy you anything is cheap; you can just use some of the excuses I listed here and get that little amount of money. But you must create more than just excuses if you want something expensive.

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Let’s start, so you can see the step-by-step process of how to get your parents to buy you something expensive.

Steps to Get Your Parents to Buy You Something Expensive.

Something expensive might be a phone, play station, or even a car – if you have reached the legal age of driving. Think about whatever you want; this guide will help you get it from your parents.

Step 1 – Research What you Want.

Begin by thoroughly researching the item you want and gathering information about its features, benefits, and price. Get all the helpful information you need about the expensive thing you want your parents to buy.

Most importantly, you should focus on the benefits and price. The price is a crucial factor when researching the expensive item you want. This is because that is the first thing your parents will ask after you’ve told them your intention.

A good knowledge of the expensive item you want will help you make a strong case for why you need it.

Step 2 – Figure Out Your Parent’s Financial Status

I am giving you these practical steps instead of some generic thing you see online. If your parents are not financially buoyant, there is no way they will spend so much on something that won’t help their finances.

The exception to this rule is if you are buying an asset that has the potential to generate money in the future. For example, let you be looking to buy an iPhone 14 pro max to shoot YouTube videos.

Your parents see this as an asset and take a loan just to help you achieve your dreams. But this is only possible with step 3.

Step 3 – Show Responsibility

If you want your parents to buy you something expensive, you must show that you are worth it.

If you need expensive DSLR camera gear, then you have to show responsibility by:

  • Setting up a YouTube channel
  • Doing some little videos with your phone
  • Gaining a few subscribers here and there.

That would set you up as someone taking charge of what they want.

Also, you can demonstrate responsibility and maturity in your daily life by consistently doing chores, keeping up with schoolwork, and following family rules. This will make your parents more inclined to trust you with an expensive item.

Step 4 – Save Money:

Start saving money from your allowance or part-time job and offer to contribute some of the cost.

This shows your commitment and willingness to work towards your goal. When you want your parents to buy you something expensive, you can show them how much you can contribute.

That way, they see your zeal and may decide to fund everything for you.

Step 5 Create a Presentation

When it is time to ask your parents to buy you something expensive, you shoushouldn’t orally. Your request will be treated lightly when you ask without any visuals or proof.

Expensive things require extensive preparation. So, prepare a well-organized presentation outlining why you want the item, how it will benefit you, and how you plan to take care of it. This will help your parents see the value in your request.

Step 6 – Choose the Right Time

When looking to make your presentation and the table you request, you have to choose the right time. This is one of the crucial factors to consider when you want your parents to buy you something expensive.

Find an appropriate time to discuss your request when your parents are relaxed and open to conversation. Avoid bringing it up during times of stress or conflict.

I recommend right after dinner or when they are having a good time, laughing, or enjoying the moment.

Step 7 – Be Patient and Persistent

If your parents initially say no, don’t get discouraged. Give them time to consider your request and continue demonstrating your responsibility and maturity.

It is normal to get a NO on your first attempt. You should go into the presentation with the hope of getting a NO.

When you get a no, here are ways to overcome it;

  • Ask them to relax and not get to any hasty conclusion.
  • Kindly ask them the reason for the negative answer.
  • If you are told, find ways to work around it.

Step 8 – Offer a Trade

If negotiations aren’t going on well, you can move to offer a trade.

Propose a trade, such as completing extra chores or achieving specific academic goals, in exchange for the expensive item. This will show your parents you are ready to work for your desires.

Step 9 – Highlight Long-term Benefits

Explain how the item could provide long-term benefits, such as helping you learn new skills, enhancing your education, or improving your health. This can make it seem like a worthwhile investment.

Step 10 – Address Concerns

Be prepared to address any concerns your parents may have about the item, such as its safety, maintenance costs, or potential distractions. Offer solutions and reassure them that you will handle these issues responsibly.

Let’s assume your parents say they can’t give you something expensive because they don’t have the money. You can say something like.

“Okay,” I understand your concerns. I have saved up {insert amount}. All I am asking for is {insert amount}.”

If”they still insist, they can’t afford it, ask them what they can, then you’d know how to go around it.

Step 11 – Show Gratitude:

Express your appreciation for everything your parents do for you and tell them you would be grateful if they considered your request.

Remember that gratitude and respect go a long way in convincing someone to help you achieve your goals.


The reason for this detailed step-by-step guide on how to get your parents to buy something expensive for you is because of the cost involved.

Expensive things take a lot of planning to buy, so you must also be prepared to make your request. In the case you are outright rejected, don’t feel bad. Go back, do your homework, continue with what you have, and remain responsible; they might change their mind.

Do not give up; maybe your parents are testing your resolution on how badly you want it. Show them that you deserve it.

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