Money is a sensitive topic for many people, and it can be tough in romantic situations. If your girlfriend keeps asking for money, it can put a lot of financial and mental stress on your relationship. In this post, I will show you some actionable tips on what to do when your girlfriend keeps asking for money.

If you have a girlfriend who keeps asking for money and you still want to keep the relationship, a temporal solution would be to show her an empty bank account balance. Let her understand that you are currently broke and can’t afford to give her cash any further.


This is only a temporal solution, as she may resume asking you for money once she sees you buying stuff for yourself again. Hence, you can’t afford to continue with this situation, so we need to find a permanent solution.

So, if you are looking for a permanent solution to what to do when your girlfriend keeps asking for money, we’ll talk about some steps you can take to deal with this problem and keep your relationship healthy.

But before that, let’s analyze why a girlfriend continually asks her boyfriend for money until he becomes frustrated. Before that, you should also learn some lies girls tell to get money from their boyfriends.

Reasons why your Girlfriend Continually Asks for Money

To know what to do when your girlfriend keeps asking for money, you should understand some reasons behind the action. That way, you can apply any of my tips appropriately when it happens.

You are dating a Gold Digger.

Determining if you are dating a gold digger might be challenging, but I will demystify it. There are some subtle signs to determine if you are dating a gold digger.

  • Does she always discuss material things like wigs, vacations, and expensive trips?
  • Is she of the opinion that men should always spoil their girls?
  • Is she always after the latest fashion?
  • Does she always qualify what other girls put on and judge the quality?
  • Is she always putting pressure on you to buy her stuff?

If any of these resonates with your girlfriend, then I am sorry, you are dating a gold digger. And she won’t stop till you run out of money, and she jumps ship to another guy.

You can’t say NO.

Believe it or not, many girlfriends don’t know when to stop. When a girl discovers you are weak and can’t say NO to avoid displeasing her, she will capitalize on that and exploit you to the fullest with some of these sweet words – see them here.

This is psychological, and because she has dominated you, she won’t stop at anything till she destroys you. And this will become a reality due to my next point.

She Doesn’t see a Future with You.

When a girl sees a future with you, she will be focused on how to help you plan for the future together.

When she doesn’t see a future with you, she doesn’t care about what happens to your finances. She will only be here for an excellent time and disappear during downtime.

She Believes she can exploit you Financially.

When your girlfriend believes she can exploit you, she continually asks you for money.

  • Is she suggesting expensive vacations?
  • Does she always want the latest fashion brands?
  • Is she putting ideas that will make you waste money in your head?

These are peculiar moves of a girlfriend exploiting her boyfriend, so be guided.

She sees how you give others.

For some girlfriends, the moment they see how you give others money, they will believe they deserve the same. So instead of allowing you to accumulate money to share with others, they will keep asking you for money.

What to Do When Your Girlfriend Keeps Asking for Money

Now you have seen some strange reasons why your girlfriend keeps asking for money; it is time to know what to do when your girlfriend keeps asking for money.

Make clear rules.

The first thing to solve this problem is to make clear rules. If you think your lady is taking advantage of your kindness, you should tell her you don’t feel good about it. Here are some specific examples of limits you could set:

  • Putting a cap on how much money you will give.
  • Choosing not to give money for things that aren’t necessary.
  • Refusing to give money when asked outside of specific times or settings.

By setting clear limits, you can help your girlfriend understand what you want from the relationship and avoid confusion or disagreement.

Talk to someone about your finances Together.

You and your girlfriend must talk openly and honestly about your money. It’s possible that she doesn’t realize how much you have to pay, or that she doesn’t realize how much she asks for money affects you.

You should try not to blame or get angry when you talk to her. Instead, go into the talk with an open mind and a willingness to listen. Be clear about your money goals and what you can afford, and ask her about her goals and situation.

Make a budget Together.

Putting together a budget with your girlfriend can be a good way to deal with the problem of her asking for money. By making a budget together, you can set clear rules for how much to spend and how much to save. You’ll be able to see where your money is going and figure out where changes can be made.

You must be honest about your money and expenses when making a budget. Ensure you’re keeping track of all your costs, such as your rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries, and fun. There are many online tools and apps that can help you make a budget if you don’t know where to start.

Find ways for her to make more money on her own.

If your girlfriend always asks for money, it might help to suggest that she find ways to make more money independently. This can help her be less dependent on you financially and make your relationship easier.


There are many ways to make more money as a woman, like getting a job that pays more, starting a side business, or doing independent work. Encourage your girlfriend to look into these choices and be there for her as she tries to make more money. If she is beautiful, you can also consider other methods, as discussed here.

Don’t lend money if it makes you feel weird.

If you don’t feel good about giving your girlfriend money, saying no is important. Even though it can be hard to say no to a request for money, you need to put your financial health first. Giving money is not worth it if it causes you stress or worry.

It’s important to be clear and firm when you don’t want to give money. You don’t have to explain your choice, but if you feel comfortable doing so, you can.

Tell her to get help or advice with her money.

If your girlfriend is having trouble with her money, it might help to push her to get help or advice. There are many ways to get help, such as financial experts, credit counsellors, and online groups.

You can show your girlfriend that you care about her well-being and want to help her achieve financial safety by telling her to get financial advice or help.

Learn to Say NO

Saying NO means that you need to be able to turn down your girlfriend’s requests for money when it’s not possible or safe for you to give her money.

It can be hard to say no, especially when you want to be helpful in a relationship, but it is important to set limits and protect your own financial well-being.


Learning to say “no” means being assertive and communicating your choice respectfully and honestly, without feeling guilty or being forced to lend money you can’t afford. It is a skill that can be learned and used to keep a healthy connection based on respect and understanding for both people.

Pretend to be Broke.

This is what to do when your girlfriend keeps asking for money. This idea means pretending to be financially unstable or unable to give money, even if you have the means to do so.

This is one way to avoid giving money you don’t want to or can’t afford to at the moment. But pretending to be broke is also not honest, and it can cause confusion or fights in a relationship. It’s important to talk to your girlfriend freely and honestly about your finances and to set clear rules about lending money. Even though pretending to be broke might work for a short time, it is not a good or long-term way to deal with money problems in a relationship.

Ask her for a Loan.

This is where the reverse game comes to play, and this is also what to do when your girlfriend keeps asking for money.

When she doesn’t ask, I will ask her for a loan. I know she won’t give to me in many cases, but the aim is to let her psychologically believe that I am broke and she can’t ask me for money again.

Discuss Getting an External Loan

If you are wondering what to do when your girlfriend keeps asking for money, another genius idea is to discuss getting a loan for upkeep with her.

Now, she might start questioning where all your money went; tell her that you just invested in some project and you are short on cash. Inform her that the only way to survive is to get a loan.

That way, she wouldn’t ask you for money again until you figure out whether you should dump her.

Tell her a Sad Financial Story

If you have tried all the other options and it failed, it is time to unleash your creativity. What to do when your girlfriend keeps asking for money? Tell her a sad story of losing most of your savings to some shitty investment, and you have nothing left again.

Keep a straight face when telling this story so that you sound believable. If she pesters you and tries to get more information, just tell her you aren’t willing to discuss the subject further.

End the Relationship

If the problem keeps coming up and is causing a lot of stress, you might want to end the relationship.

If your lady keeps asking for money and it’s causing much stress in your relationship, you may need to consider breaking up. Even though this can be a hard choice, it’s important to put your own health and happiness first.

Before deciding what to do, you should consider why your girlfriend keeps asking for money. Is she having trouble with money that she can’t fix, or is she just taking advantage of your kindness? If the second is true, it might be time to consider the connection.

If you decide to end the relationship, you should do so kindly and politely. Be honest about why you want to break up, but don’t blame or hurt your girlfriend. It’s never easy to end a relationship, but it’s important to do so with compassion and kindness.


When a girlfriend keeps asking for money, dealing with her can be hard and stressful. However, by setting clear boundaries, having open and honest conversations, creating a budget, suggesting ways for her to increase her income, refusing to lend money if it makes you uncomfortable, encouraging her to seek financial advice or support, and considering ending the relationship if necessary, you can work towards a resolution that benefits both you and your girlfriend.

In the end, it’s important to put your happiness and financial health first. By solving the problem on your own, you can keep the relationship healthy and reach your own money goals.

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