Is your girlfriend rich, and you are looking to get money from her? The thing about girls giving you money that you don’t deserve is that, after a while, she looks down on you as not being man enough. In this post, I will show you some good lies to get money from your girlfriend.

As men, we are wired to operate with our egos. So it isn’t that easy to drop your ego down and ask a girl for money. I mean, we are the ones that are supposed to give girls money. So stooping low to ask a girl for money, we must be creative.

If you are looking for ideas, lies, or creativity to achieve this, let’s look at what we term “good lies to get money from your girlfriend.” Asides from that, generally, you can also learn how to deal with females and get money from women.

White Lies to Get Money from Your Girlfriend

Here are some quality lies to get money from your girlfriend. Once again, remember to choose the one that is best for you based on the abovementioned factors and the current situation on the ground.

Business Project

Tell your girlfriend that you will need a couple of bucks from her to invest in your new business idea. Inform her you can’t use a bank loan due to the high-interest rate.

Hi baby, do you mind if I get around {excessive amount} from you for a new business idea I intend to start? I have raised {insert amount} so far, and I need this other amount from you to complete the money. Let me know how much you can help me if you don’t have the money.

Cryptocurrency Investment

This is one of the best lies to get money from your girlfriend without paying her back. She understands how bad the crypto world is, so if she gives you the money, don’t bother paying her since you can always tell her that the market swallowed your cash.

“Babe, this new coin in the cryptocurrency space has been projected to do over 100x. If we put in $3000, we can expect around $300,000 within seven months. I have exhausted my money on some other stuff. Do you mind helping me with $3000, and we split the profit when the market booms!”

Illegal Bribe

Think of any scenario where something has happened, and you intend to bribe your way out of it. That is one of the best lies to get money from your girlfriend.

It could be someone helping you to push your business idea or getting your seized license back from the police. Just cook up any scenario to make it look like you are trying to bribe your way out of something.

“Babe, I just got my license seized by a corrupt cop because it was expired, and they got to impound my car soon. Do you have around $1000 there so that I pay him? He is asking for $1,5000; I have just $500 here. Can you help me with this? I will balance you up later. Here’s my cash app tag $mikeyy.”

Registration Help

Quickly you might want to get quick cash from your girlfriend, and the best way to handle that is by telling her that you want to make an immediate payment for an online course, but your card is being declined.

Next is to suggest if she can help you with quick cash to handle the registration.

“Hi girlfriend, I need a quick help now. My card is being declined for this registration I want to handle for my online course. I can pay with CashApp, but I don’t have any cash there. Can you transfer me $200; I will pay up later. Thanks, baby”

Rent Loan

If you aren’t living together, this should be one of the best lies to get money from your girlfriend.

The idea behind this is to tell her that you had some financial issues this month and need help completing your rent. Ideally, your girlfriend should come through for you without stress. This is also a good lie if you don’t intend to repay the money.

But the downside to this is that depending on how much your rent is, the money involved is usually tiny.

“Baby, I need a bit of favour from you. I am having some financial issues and need some help with my rent this month. Do you mind if you assist me with $1,000? I will be so grateful. I love you.”

I forgot my primary card.

This is the classic lie to get money from your girlfriend or make her pay for something you want. Just pretend you forgot the main card you usually use for payment and make her pay for what you bought.

This should be done on condition that you trust your girlfriend to have the money, or else it becomes an embarrassment.

Factors to Consider to Get Money from Your Girlfriend

These are from experience, and they all work. Lies to get money from your girlfriend should be dependent on the following;

  • Your girlfriend’s financial capability
  • Her mood
  • Level of intimacy.

Financial Capability

You should know her financial capability before deciding on the excuse you want. If your girlfriend earns around $20,000 annually, you can’t expect her to loan you $5,000 at a go.

But if she is financially capable, you can go any length with her and get as much as possible. After all, you both are dating and should always turn up for each other.

Her Mood

This is essential when selecting some lies to get money from your girlfriend.

From experience, I always avoid asking her for money during the menstruation period of the month. It is accompanied by frequent mood swings, of which the majority lie in the negative quadrant.

If you want to throw in some lies to get money from your girlfriend, it should be during her ovulation period. She is excited most times and would willingly give in to your request.

Level of intimacy

It would be best to consider your intimacy level when deciding on some of the best lies to get money from your girlfriend.

Here are some questions to determine that:

  • How long have we been together? The longer, the better.
  • What have I done for her in the past? If nothing, then your request should be small.
  • Is she madly in love with me? If yes, then better.


These are some of the best lies to get money from your girlfriend. But remember that the best way to request large sums of money is to invest in your girlfriend at some point. This is one of the best ways to convince anyone to give you money, not just your girlfriend.

To utilize these excuses better in future, refund the little money you collected at first. This would help to build trust and give you access to higher amounts of money in future. Then you can decide whether to refund the higher amount or not.

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