Do you have a sugar daddy and looking for the perfect way to get money from them again, despite just receiving cash a few weeks ago from them? Well, in this article, I will show you some perfect excuses to get money from a sugar daddy.

Whether you and your sugar daddy just started dating or you have been in the relationship for quite a while, these excuses to get money from a sugar daddy will be the perfect ones you’d need. Remember that you must have learnt the foundation of convincing someone to give you money


Ideally, while sugar daddies are with you for the fun, attention, and comfort you give to them, they prefer to spend money on you in a more meaningful way. So some of these excuses are used because we intend to show a more useful part of us that needs the money. Not just need money because we are wasteful and just need money.

If you need huge sums of cash, remember that you need to wet the ground first before making your demands. Wetting the ground means considering a lot of factors that will make it favourable to get what you want.

Best Excuses to Get Money from a Sugar Daddy

These are some of the excuses to get money from a sugar daddy. If you still don’t know how to get a sugar daddy, then Read this Post.

Excuse 1: Contract Loss

One of the greatest excuses to get money from a sugar daddy is to inform him that you just lost a contract.

They will be unable to figure out what contract since a contract is different from a job. You will add that you intended to pay back the money to your lender and then save some for feeding or buying stuff for yourself.

Meanwhile, you can send your sugar daddy the message below:

Hi [sweetheart]

I hope you are doing great. Honestly, I am not okay.

I recently lost a minor contract worth $10,000 that could have been enough to carter for me through the month.

However, the client said there is a change of plan and that they would not need my services at the moment.

I do not know when they will return, and I am cashless.

Please, send me some money to care for myself and replace some of my stuff.

Thank you.

Note that you are to include your payment account in the message. If you call them, make sure to send the bank account in the form of a text message after the call.

Excuse 2: Misplaced Money

You can use the misplaced money excuse to get money from a sugar daddy.

However, you must have reasons why you lost the money.

Below are the reasons to include:

  • There was chaos, so I ran along with the crowd and lost my money.
  • I went to buy the groceries, but on returning home, I could not find the bag I put my money on.
  • Right on my bed is where I left the last money I had, but I can’t find it again. Funny enough, nobody is in the room with me.

You can include additional excuses to the above to suit the context of your money request.

Regardless of the situation, do not lie and do not sound suspicious.

If you indeed misplaced your money, even if it was some months ago, use it as an excuse to collect money from our relatives.

Excuse 3: Unexpected Taxations

If you own a car, you can inform your sugar daddy that you had some services done on the car, but you were charged more than you expected.

Or, you can say that you had a bank transaction recently and that you were overcharged. When you contacted the bank, they said it is for the outstanding charges.

Now, tell your relative that you did not expect the additional charges because it has affected the amount of money you needed to do something with.

If you have proof of the transaction, you can send it in the form of a screenshot for them to believe all the excuses.

Excuse 4: Urgent Invitation

You could also use this excuse for sneaking out. Most of the time, we receive urgent Invitations, especially when we are managing our available funds.

Well, you can take advantage of the situation and use it as an excuse to collect money from your sugar daddy.

Assuming a friend invites you to a birthday party, wedding party, or celebrative ceremony, you can inform your sugar daddy to assist with some money.

If there is an invitation card available, you can send it to them as proof.

Even if you are lying about the invitation, you can send them a random invitation card claiming it was also sent to you. If your sugar daddy has the money, which I know he does, he will send it immediately.

Trust me; this excuse to get money from a sugar daddy works 90% of the time.

Excuse No 5: Money Loss to Stranger

Another excuse to collect money from a sugar daddy is to tell him that you lost your money to a stranger you tried to assist.

I prefer to send this excuse in the form of a text message because it is more thrilling to the relative while they read.

Below is the sample message:

Dear [Sugar Daddy]

How is the family? I hope you are doing great. Please extend my greetings to [member one], [member 2], etc.

This week is not the best for me, but I am glad I have caring relatives like you. I have also written to [relative 1], [relative 2], and [relative 3] to inform them of my financial plight.

Recently, I hoped to be a good Samaritan, but it turned out I was making a mistake.

A stranger walked up to me and politely requested that I give him money to pay the seller so that he can leave. Seeing how the situation was escalating, I offered to make the $150 payment since he promised to make a bank transfer.

After paying the money, he asked for my bank details, which I provided. But remember it isn’t advisable to always give out your bank details.. Then, some minutes later, he showed me the bank alert he received, and I just trusted him blindly, then we departed.

When I got home, no sign of notifications from the bank, I contacted the bank, and it was confirmed that there was no such transaction. Then it occurred that the stranger used the fake bank alert on me.

Dear daddy, kindly give me some money to recoup my loss.

Thank you

Excuse 6: Health Infection

There is no way you have a sugar daddy and do not want to maintain his place of comfort. This excuse should be used if both of you have any form of physical stuff going on.

If you haven’t met your sugar daddy, then you shouldn’t use this excuse as it would raise suspicion and ruin the relationship.

For this infection, focus on simple and treatable infections like toilet infections. So that your sugar daddy won’t accuse you of cheating.

Here is how you compose the message and send it as an excuse to get money from a sugar daddy.


Hi baby,

I am so sorry to bother you. I have an urgent need, and it is quite urgent. I used a public bathroom, and ever since, I have been having this itching. I need to run some tests and diagnosis to know exactly what is wrong, but I am very low on cash.

Could you help me with a few bucks, to help me do some tests. I will be so grateful. Please this is urgent as I am so uncomfortable right now and messed up.

Love you!

The beauty behind this excuse is that you will get money for the test, and also get another money for the treatment.

Excuse 7: Lost Your Wallet

Your sugar daddy might not want to help every time, but that does not stop him from being there when you need the money.

If you tell your sugar daddy that you lost your wallet, he would be anxious and ask how it happened.

Viola, you win his heart, get the money, and that makes it one of the best excuses to get money from a sugar daddy.

For this excuse to function flawlessly, you have to be sad somehow. It will make them ask, “what’s wrong, pal?”. Then you reply, “I lost my wallet, and I have no cash, no nothing.”

Excuse No 8: You Are Broke

If you really need cash and you do everything right for your sugar daddy, then you can tell him that you are broke. This is a bad excuse if he sent you money a few days or weeks ago. But if it has been a while, then you can write him this message to get money from him.

Send the message below to your friend:


I do not know whether it is the right time to message you, but I hope you consider it.

Honestly, I’m broke at the moment and would appreciate anything.

I hardly ever go out these few days because I have no money to replace old and expired stuff.

Do get back to me.

Thank you

[Your name]

How do most sugar daddies send money?

Right after sending some of these excuses to get money from a sugar daddy, you are very likely to receive money via Cash App if you are in the United States. If you are outside or live international from your sugar daddy, they are very likely going to receive your allowance via PayPal.

This is because most sugar daddies hate stress, so they prefer to pay via a simple payment platform, which CashApp and PayPal offers.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best excuses to get money from a sugar daddy. From this current set of excuses, you can also develop some yourself. Remember that the key is to create a balance and make sure you ask for money at certain times that are convenient for your sugar daddy.

Always remember to reciprocate the money you receive from him so that he will also feel the love of receiving. Don’t let it be a one-way giving type of relationship. This is powerful advice if you want the relationship and money spending to last for a long time.


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