Sweet words to make him give you money? Men like to be in control and assertive when dealing with their lovers. They also love to be the head and manage affairs in their home.

However, as a girl or as a lover, there are several ways to make your man give you money while he is assuming control of the home.


Sweet words to make him give you money

Additionally, men have a soft spot for women and with the below sweet words to make him give you money, you can always get a reasonable amount of money from your man whenever you need it.

  1. “Since we are romantic, I feel comfortable asking you for money.”

If it weren’t necessary, I certainly wouldn’t do it. You are the only man I would ever ask for money from since I like and appreciate you so much, and I know you are aware that I would never ask other guys for money. I have not left you because I love you, and I think that I am entitled to financial support from you since I have remained with you.

Once you’ve gone through the reasons why you need financial assistance, you should let your lover know how much you appreciate him. You should also let him know that he is loved and that you are not ashamed to approach people you care about for financial assistance. More than ninety percent of the time, women explain to their spouses that if they didn’t care so much for them, they wouldn’t ask so nicely for financial support from them.

  1. “Babe, you look so cute today with this expensive shirt and nice shorts, would you get something like that for me also so I can look pretty for you too?”

Men also like the sense of being acknowledged, just as every woman does. Make sure to compliment your boyfriend often. Don’t only focus your praise on his appearance. Let him know how much you value the things he does for you or how you thought he handled a certain issue well.

Such compliments will restore his self-confidence, and he will begin to love you more. When he knows you will be pleased, he’ll instinctively do extra to make you happy.

Even while you are present, he will be thinking about you and methods to make you happy all the time.

This is among some sweet words to make him give you money. Telling your man that he is cute because of the expensive wears he has on can prompt him to give you some money to also buy for yourself as well.

He will only give you the money because you have said some sweet words to him and he will want to replicate your kind words by giving you some amount of money that you need to look beautiful for him too.

  1. “I want to say thank you for being there for me over the years that we have spent together.”

Since then, even though you are not in a very strong financial position, you have been my rock. Whatever your partner did, however big or small, try to be more specific about thanking them for that particular action—Self.

This sweet word for money allows your partner to be aware that he has been with you for some over the years and that you are grateful for the time he has spent with you.

This is so even with the fact that you are not in a very strong position financially. While doing so, he will be assured that you will be there for him when things go bad and that you would repay him for all the kind things he has done for you in the past.

  1. “Hey honey, I know you might have been suspecting me lately, but you are wrong.”

I am indebted to you and I will forever be loyal to you and all your needs from me including the one you want in bed. There is no way I would be looking for peace elsewhere when I have you to satisfy all my needs.

This particular sweet word for his money affirms the position that you are loyal to him and you are not seeing any other guy.

Additionally, it will also give him the impression that there is nothing else you want from other guys that you are not presently getting from your man. You might even go as far as showing him your phone to convince him that you are faithful and will never cheat on him for whatever reason.

  1. “My love, I love you to the moon and back.”

I am willing to do everything possible to keep this relationship alive and I am also willing to sacrifice my time and energy to ensure that you are happy in this relationship.

There is no better way to get money from your man than by telling him that you are willing to sacrifice your time and energy to make sure the relationship works or is in the best condition. You are also revealing this by making sure he is happy in the relationship and not looking for peace or happiness elsewhere.

With this, you can always proceed to ask him for money reasonably and he will heed your calls. Meanwhile, note that while you do this, ensure you do not go overboard by demanding an excessive amount of money that will change his mood negatively.

  1. “Honey, I will be surprising you with the latest PlayStation game.”

have been so good to me since we met and I feel I should do something extraordinary to see that you are happy and that I cherish this relationship.

Promising your man an expensive gift by telling him some sweet words about how you intend to do it can make him give you money whenever you ask. Since he is already convinced that you are as well willing to spend on him and make the relationship better, he will also be ready to do the same since he is confident that he is with the right person.

  1. “Honey, none comes to you in terms of being caring, motivating me, being attractive, and being superhuman.”

These sweet words can certainly bring your man to a standstill and give you whatever you are asking from him.

Additionally, it will also give him a feeling that he is better than all your former boyfriends and since that is the case, he will want to protect his egoistic nature.

Since this is the case, he will be willing to give you whatever you are asking from him, and as far as he is capable of giving you that particular amount, you do not worry.

  1. “I love you from the bottom of my heart and I pray to be with you for life.”

This sweet word to make him give you money affirms that you love your man and you are praying to be with him until you both grow and die.

How to convince him to give you money

Do the following:

Be upfront regarding why you are asking for the money

If you tell your man what the money is for, he will be more inclined to give it to you. He will probably be sympathetic to your situation. Give a brief justification for your need for the money and your intended use for it. For instance:

“Hey babe: I’m sorry to ask, but I have to. I have to pay my electricity bill on Friday, but I won’t get paid until the 30th.”

“Babe! The fact that I just completed dining at a restaurant and then realized I forgot my wallet at home is so humiliating. Can you help me complete the money so I won’t get embarrassed?”

Tell him how much cash you need

Your man could believe you are taking advantage of them if you are imprecise. Avoid running away from the main topic of the amount you need because he will probably think you’re attempting to take advantage of them by asking for “some money” or loosely stating that it’s for rent without specifying a specific amount. And you can bet they’re uncomfortable if they have to inquire, “Well, how much do you need?” Both of you will find this simpler if you provide the amount. You might state:

“I’m $300 short on my rent this month, which is $875.”

“All I need is $20 to pay for this launch, and I’m set!”

Let him when you need the money

If it’s urgent or you’re asking for a sizable chunk of money, give your man a deadline. You should try to make things as convenient as possible for them.

Try to notify him in advance if you need to borrow more than a few hundred dollars so they have time to gather the funds. Tell them when a bill is due if you want assistance. Make it extremely clear if you need money straight now.

Here are a few examples:

“I’d need the money in two weeks since rent is due on the first.”

“My invoice is due on November 5th. Do you think I can obtain the money by then?”

Tell your man how to send the money to you

Don’t make your man deal with any more issues that you have for them. Simply indicate the best manner for them to send you the money because you’re already asking for it.

Of course, this depends on your particular circumstance, but it’s always a good idea to give people options (if possible). However, if there is just one choice, make sure everyone knows what it is. For instance:


“Can you send the money now? or assist with your credit card? She’s here, standing.”

“Please make checks payable to Bryan Oxford Apartment. You can then send it to my landlord that way.”

“If you are not busy, I can come over and get a $20 note. I’m grateful.”

Final Words

Men have the full responsibility of taking care of their women and with these sweet words to make him give you money, be rest assured that you will continue to get money from your man.

Men are emotional beings and they will always fall for sweet words that you tell them. Instead of saying these sweet words and making it go to waste, take advantage of it by asking him for money too.

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