Hi, I'm Charles Robert

On this site, I share everything I've learnt about becoming a highly effective entrepreneur (without sacrificing your soul and every waking hour in the process).

No Paradox of Practice here

If you're tired of online marketing gurus, success coaches and people who's only income is from teaching other people how to make an income, you're in the right place.

No Quick-and-Easy Shortcuts

In the online marketing space, everybody loves the quick win. The shortcut. The "growth hack". The truth is, chasing those shortcuts is a well-trodden path to failure. Here, we focus on building real entrepreneurial skills.

Freedom over Money

For me, creating an online business isn't primarily about money. It's about freedom. You can easily become a slave to chasing ever-larger paychecks. What's the point in escaping the corporate rat race, only to join the startup rat race?

What is Skylse About?

The foundation of any serious and successful online business is a product or a service. Skylse is about everything you need to create (and sell) valuable products & to build an audience of true fans.

There are three components of a successful online business: a good offer, traffic and a website that converts. These are the key topics we focus on, and we believe will make you successful online.

Perhaps, having the right tools and techniques aren't enough. Most entrepreneurs fail and it has nothing to do with a lack of knowledge or access to software and tools. Instead, it has everything to do with their character, mindset and work ethic.

It’s difficult to start or scale a highly successful business without developing the mindset of a highly successful entrepreneur.

It’s part of the reason we also cover the mindset aspect of becoming a badass of highly effective entrepreneur.

The key ingredients to any business success, is product or service and Selling.


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