So, while I was trying to follow up with leads via my amocrm dashboard earlier today, I was logged out and noticed a change in url from to

I was a bit skeptical, wondering if Amocrm have been hacked. lol

After I signed in via the new url, I saw a pop up message stating that amocrm is now kommo; new brand name, new logo.

According to a blog post on, the decision to change the amoCRM name comes purely from a branding perspective and Kommo will continue to expand.

The notice states further that the only noticeable change to any amocrm account will be its link.

The link to your amocrm account will change from to, so make sure to bookmark it and update it in any integrations, such as Zapier.

AmoCRM pricing remains same as Kommo pricing. The price have not increased in over 8 years 🙂

Well, I like the new name and truly, the platform is now more than just a CRM software.

About Kommo (formerly AmoCRM)

Kommo is one of the most popular crm platforms that helps grow sales by making it easier to nurture relationships with your clients, human-to-human.

It features :

  • a pipeline to help you guide clients through the buying process
  • task management, so you always remember to get back in touch
  • lead profiles, so important info is never lost
  • automations to free you up, so that you can focus on relationships.

If you need someone that can help you set up Kommo account, automations, salesbots or any crm software, feel free to get in touch with me.

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