You remember that Davido made over 100 million within 24hrs from his fans? You too can get rewarded by your fans and followers via AppreciateMe

What is AppreciateMe?

It is a social friendly platform that provides a medium of appreciation for anyone through a secured and custom link, unique to users. It is the perfect tool that allows anyone appreciates you or what you do, with money or gifts.

There are deserving people who publish news, skits, arts and so many other stuff online and do not charge or have a structured income source. AppreciateMe offers them a channel through which they get sustained, encouraged and empowered to keep on producing. I believe this is a dignified way of having money & gifts given to such people for what they do as opposed to the concept of begging.

How AppreciateMe Works!

  • Users Create their channels (for free) on
  • User Login with your credentials.
  • As a user, you can go ahead to create your first campaign.
  • Users that have generated or setup a campaign link can share on all their social media accounts.

After this, appreciations begin to flow in from fans, followers, family & friends.

Alternatively, people who have created a channel can:

  • Click on the profile menu.
  • Click on username from the dropdown.
  • Copy or Share their respective username link on their social media accounts.
  • When done and appreciations begin to flow in, users are able to withdraw appreciations straight to their respective bank account.

AppreciateMe Is For Who?

APPRECIATEME is for Everyone with different vocations across all industries. Talk of Artists, Musicians, Actors/Actresses, Sportsmen, Entertainment Industry Practitioners/ show owners, Comedians/comediennes, Online Content Creators/skitmakers, Teachers, Students, Radio And Television Presenters Film Makers, Instrumentalists Writers, Photographers, workers in the products and services industry, Academics, Inventors, public servants, Dancers, Artisans, Clergy and even groups or organizations such as Foundations, Charities, Startups, schools, research institutes etc

Lingering Questions

Have you thought about how the nurse, caregiver, school & lesson teacher who taught us will feel if they get an Appreciation of just N1,000 from some of the people their lives have impacted, occasionally?

Have you thought about how meaningful it will be for the content creator that does comedy, speeches, cartoons, spoken word, drama, painting, designs and the likes to get an email alert that shows his/her work is valued and people are sending gifts or cash in appreciation of the work put in?

Have you ever imagined blessing someone on the internet with a bottle of refreshing drink or a meal in commendation of a fabulous performance?

Have you ever wanted to compensate a loyal staff or diligent worker?

Have you ever wanted to support the creed of people to succeed at a strategic pursuit in research and development of some kind, community development, social justice, environmental and health awareness causes?

Have you ever imagined if all your likes on your social media posts were converted into money in your purse?

Have you ever wondered what joy fills the heart of people when an alert drops?

Have you ever wondered how you can support people’s events, parties, (birthday, graduation, weddings, baby christening, work promotions, house warming, Awards, thanksgiving, festivities, etc)?

Have you ever felt the power of an uplifted spirit when you get notes of affirmation plus matching tokens or gifts from people you labour over?

Have you ever imagined how much people will feel loved and stay away from depression if there is a medium through which sincere communication of love in tangible words can get to the people who make our world daily entertained and blissful?

Have you ever wondered how you will do giveaways to people and you don’t have to start sending to different accounts one after the other?

Have you ever wanted to surprise someone with a donation or gift?

Have you ever wanted to avoid sending money to a wrong or non-functional account number?

Have you ever sought to just do good for someone, as a seed for the future?

AppreciateMe answers and delivers the channel for these dreams to be fulfilled in a simple, smart, accountable and refreshingly exciting way

What this means is that if you want to send money or gift to someone or an organization for what they do or mean to you or the community, yes you can.

You do not need to know their house address, you do not need to know their bank account numbers, you do not need to be with them in person or see them physically, AppreciateMe bridges all those gaps for you.

All you have to do is search them out in the active campaigns page of AppreciateMe or use their AppreciateMe links that they may have shared n their social media platforms.

And for others, you may need to invite them to get on AppreciateMe and you will them accordingly.

AppreciateMe has a provision for special campaigns for :

  • Teachers,
  • Authors,
  • Radio presenters,
  • Healthcare workers
  • Workers

For questions/enquiries :

Send an email to
Or visit AppreciateMe office at Plot 779, 10th Street, Cadastral zone AD, Central Business District, Abuja

To register and get started asap, visit

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