Most times when you say NO to someone asking you for money outrightly, you believe your excuses weren’t good enough and that the person would end up hating you. Well, before I discovered some of these excuses for not giving money, I usually felt such a way before. In this post, I will share with you some of my top excuses for not giving money that will make the other party even feel so bad for begging you for money. Read carefully till the last.

The thing about humans is that once we experience rejection, we automatically see the person who rejected us as wicked, inhumane, and callous. It becomes worse once the excuse given isn’t solid enough.


This post provides you with solid excuses for not giving money that will make anyone asking you for money feel so bad that they asked you for money, and even want to help you with money. Even if the person is a friend, family, colleague or a random stranger online. Use these excuses to decline pleas for help.

Top 5 Excuses for Not Giving Money

Good Excuses for Not Giving Money

Choose which one suits your situation and apply accordingly. You can also change my script to drive home your point better. In case you want to help but fearful that the person is just conjuring up excuses, you can also see common excuses people use to ask for money.

Excuse 1 – I lost Money to Crypto

Crypto is all the rage, so when you use cryptocurrency as one of the good excuses for not giving money, even the person asking will sympathize with you.

You shouldn’t use this for close friends who know you personally, because you will come out as a blatant liar if you aren’t a crypto fan. They will know that you have nothing to do with crypto and you don’t just want to help them with the money they are asking for.

This excuse should be for friends who don’t know you too well. Explaining to them in an emotional tone of how much you lost in crypto will make them reconsider asking you for money next time.

Here’s a sample

I sincerely wish I can help. If you had asked me 3 months ago, I would have been happy to help you with the money you are requesting for. Unfortunately, I recently lost over 50,000 pounds on crypto, and I am trying to get my footing back financially.

Sorry about your condition and I hope you find someone who can help you as fast as possible.

This is perfect and nobody that gets this excuse will assume you are bluffing or telling them out.

Excuse 2 – I was Scammed in a Bad Investment

Nobody apart from you can verify this information, which is why it is one of my favorite excuses for not giving money to someone asking me for money.

Most times where I have used this excuse, the person asking me for money feels empathy for me and even apologizes for asking.

This excuse is perfect for friends who know you pretty well, as they might want to dig in further, and you can decline not to talk about what has happened in the past.

Here’s how to go with this excuse:

I am sorry I can’t really help you at this point. The $30,000 I invested was a scam. I felt stupid and sad, but I have moved on and trying to get back to my feet. I really wish to help but I am very low on cash.

I hope you find someone who can help you with the money you are asking for.

If they try to get more information from you, just politely decline to discuss the terrible incident further, as it makes it look like you are still grieving.

Excuse 3 – My Wife’s Mother is Draining us Financially

If you have a wife, then this one is for you to use as a good excuse for not giving money. Many people who ask you for money would assume your life is perfect, so once you throw this excuse at them, they become surprised.

Well, it is best to use your wife’s mother as an excuse because they can’t start asking your wife if it is really true or not.

Also, once it comes to issues regarding your wife and her family, I doubt any outsider would want to interfere.

Do you need a sample excuse? Here’s one for you below:

Wow, you are in such a difficult position, and I wish I could help you sincerely. My wife’s mum is actually in such a huge fix, and she’s been draining us financially for a long period now. She’s got so much about her health going on, and we’ve been doing extra hard to support her. I am so down now financially and I would have wanted to help you, but I can’t.

Maybe you can ask {insert the name of another friend}, they might be in a better position to assist you. I am so sorry.

There you go. With this excuse for not giving money, your friend will appreciate you for being open and honest about your situation and also appreciate for pointing them in another direction.

Excuse 4 – My Bank Got Frozen

This is also part of my good excuses for not giving money. For this excuse, some imaginary being and my bank will take the blame for not being able to assist.

We can use this excuse for anyone – even your wife, so I consider it the best.

Just let the person asking you for money understand that your bank account was frozen because someone tampered with your account and deposited money, which has forced the bank to freeze your funds and leave you cashless.

If they ask you further questions, just simply tell them that the bank is yet to provide you with more information, so you do not know what is really happening.

If you need someone to take the blame, you can blame it on Yahoo boys. 

Man, I would have loved to help, but right now my bank is frozen because someone random guy I met online paid money into my account and now my bank has flagged the money.

I am yet to get more information from the bank, but I have an appointment next 2 weeks, and till then, I will have to survive on the petty cash I have at hand.

I am so sorry.

With this excuse, no one will fault you for not being able to give. The bank and a random human take the blame.

Excuse 5 – I Just Bought Stocks

This excuse for not giving money should always start with “you didn’t ask me on time”. This shifts the blame away from yourself and passes it on to the person asking you for money.

It becomes their fault for not asking on time because you would have given them if they actually asked on time. This is a dark psychology of blame passing and you should not use it all the time.

Oh wow! I wish you asked me on time, I would have helped. I just bought stocks with the extra cash I had, and the other money I have, I can’t access it because it is tied up somewhere.

Once I have any extra cash, I will give to you. I am so sorry, bro.

With this excuse, it kills the idea of them asking you next time because you have made them know you will be the one to remind them when next you have money.

So, even if they ask you next time, just let them know that you still don’t have any free money and will let them know when you have. Genuis!!!


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