For search engine and traffic purposes, I will be referring to legitimate freelancers as yahoo guys. And as you know, many opportunities are not available to many online hustlers due to geolocation barrier. Maybe you want to register on some website, dating apps, or you just want to explore the web and get clients. One of the tools you need to successfully access every platform is your VPN. In this post I will show you the best VPN for yahoo guys, and also other options for you to explore.

PureVPN is the best for yahoo guys because it is a premium service that operate 3,000+ servers in 150+ countries. It offers high-end security features like military-level encryption, port forwarding, unlimited bandwidth, and P2P compatibility.


So for the best VPN for Yahoo guys, I recommend the PureVPN – Click here to buy it.

One of the reasons you must go with the best VPN for yahoo guys is because you just can’t use any VPN. Some VPNs will expose your details, logs, and reduce your success rate drastically. In fact, some VPNs are like virus that once you install into your device, it messes up with everything in your system.

VPN is necessary for hustling because it hides your present location, and present you a new location from any of the servers you select. For this article, we will be considering the best VPN for yahoo boys and the other options you can decide to explore if you wish.

Best VPNs for Carding 2023

These VPNs were selected based on their features, pricing, easy to setup, and their security protocols. A lot of VPN companies expose your logs to security agents, thereby making you exposed and at the risk of getting arrested. So let’s explore our options;


I see PureVPN as the best VPN for yahoo boys, not only because of the price, but also because of its features. It offers extensive features for such a fraction of the price that others are sold. When I was doing some jobs on Amazon, PureVPN was my go to tool for successfully bypassing billing and shipping address.

Whether you want to work on any website or ecommerce store, you should always consider PureVPN because it offers high-speed connection and a very strong encryption protocol. It is normal to experience some speed loss when hustling online using a VPN because your data has to travel farther to reach the VPN server. This is a core reason why you need to use the premium version of a VPN.

PureVPN also offers specialized servers for most popular websites like Amazon, Google Play, Aliexpress, If there’s a specific website you’d want to unblock, just search for it on the server selection page, then you’d receive a list of servers that can unblock it.

So for the best VPN for Yahoo guys, I recommend the PureVPN – Click here to buy it.

Some other Benefits of using PureVPN for Yahoo

  • They have over 3,000+ servers in 150+ countries. So choosing a server to match the the type of work you do shouldn’t be a hassle.
  • SOCKS5 web proxy is already embedded on the VPN, which means you don’t have to buy SOKCS5 again.
  • Zero logs
  • Fast Internet speed despite strong security encryption.
  • They have cheap plans; you can see image below for more of their pricing plans.
best vpn for yahoo guys

Cheap Price for Pure VPN


When it comes to privacy protection, NordVPN is a good VPN that takes a kitchen-sink approach. Just like PureVPN, NordVPN offers a bit of everything you need to card successfully.

It has a diverse and large collection of severs, a good array of seen tools, security practices, and strong privacy. It also has in its armoury, the latest WireGuard technology, and clients for every major platform.

NordVPN is always improving on its security, which is making it a very good VPN choice for the future. You can use up to six devices at the same time on NordVPN, unlike PureVPN that allows you to use unlimited devices.

For the price, NordVPN is very expensive as compared to others, but the price is also justifiable because of its services. They offer four pricing options:

  • $11.95 per month
  • $69.00 Annually
  • $54.00 every six months

The accept cryptocurrencies as payment, PayPal, as well as other online payment methods.


  • WireGuard VPN technology
  • Multihop and Tor connections
  • Easy to use
  • Numerous server locations
  • Strong customer privacy stance


  • Expensive

IP Vanish

IP Vanish offers its service at $10 a month or $39 a year, which means they are hoping you’d subscribe more to their yearly program. They offer just a seven-day trial program instead of a full 30 days, but it does come with a full-money back guarantee.

IP Vanish is also considered as one of the best VPN for Yahoo guys, but not like PureVPN. I will just list out some of the benefits of IP Vanish when using it for getting clients online.

  • It has no device limit, which means you can connect on many devices as possible.
  • They have just 1500 servers available in 70+ countries, so it might be difficult selecting the country of your choice. This can also create latency of the network traffic you send.
  • They also are no logs (they don’t store your information nor use give it out to a 3rd party)
  • No IP blacklist
  • Fast internet speed with strong encryption.


  • A Month plan costs $10.00
  • 1 year plan costs $39
  • 3-month plan costs $8.99/month.


My experience with CyberGhost covered Speed Testing, Security Verification, and an in-depth analysis of its privacy tools. I should also let you know that CyberGhost has increase its number of servers and is rolling out new privacy tools, and it is still considered one of the best VPN for Yahoo guys.

CyberGhost VPN offers split-tunneling in its Windows client, and its servers are organized neatly into user friendly categories; NoSpy servers, servers for carding, torrenting, streaming, and server’s best for use with a static IP address.

CyberGhost VPN also imposes no data caps and allows unlimited server switching.

Benefits of CyberGhost

  • Number of servers: Over 40+ worldwide in 90-plus countries
  • Number of server locations: 115
  • Number of simultaneous connections: 5


  • $2.75 a month for a 3-year plan
  • $3.69 a month for 2-year plan


TorGuard is among the best VPN for Yahoo guys even though I don’t extremely recommend them due to their bad support and pricing. But if you still want to try them out, they are also good to use.

Here’re some benefits that comes with the TorGuard

  • 30 servers located in 8 countries(doesn’t cover most countries)
  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth.
  • Safe browser extensions.
  • Anonymous VPN and proxy access.
  • Unlimited mail storage availability.
  • MITM attack protection.
  • Helps to unblock Facetime using VPN service.
  • SOCKS5 Proxy’s availability


  • The monthly plan costs $11.54
  • Quarterly Plan: $20.97
  • Yearly Plan: $64.00

Why should you Use a VPN for Yahoo Guys

A VPN is used to hide your actual identity when using the internet. So when it comes to using the best VPN for carding, you should know that it helps you achieve two core things;

  • Security
  • Successful jobs

Let’s say you have a credit card, every card contains a billing address from a specific geolocation. But when you surf the internet trying to use a client credit card on a platform, your identity is exposed, your IP address, Mac address and many things would be detected and payment processor will reject the card because maybe they don’t ship to your location and all. But with the use of a VPN, you can hide all these things and they can’t get much information from you.

To be able to use formats on places like dating Apps successfully, then I suggest that you use a paid VPN because free VPNs won’t offer you the same security as premium VPNs.

Should you Use Free VPNs for Online Hustling?

Here’s one rule you should have in mind;

“Don’t ever use a free VPN for yahoo”

VPNs only give you premium services when you pay for their premium service. One of the reason your hustle fails is because you use a free VPN to try and buy things from stores that don’t even accept OTP.

Free VPNs are even worse than your internet service providers when it comes to respecting your privacy. The reason is because they make money from selling your data, unlike a premium VPN that makes money by selling their services to you.

When you aren’t paying for something, then you become the product – which is how free VPNs operate.

This doesn’t mean that all paid VPNs are recommended because some of them actually also do sell your data – like Express VPN and many others. Which is why I do recommend the PureVPN as the best VPN for Yahoo boys. They offer a no-log policy, meaning that your information and data is safe.


Working online as a Yahoo boy is simple to achieve, but you need the right tools for the job. VPN is one of the tools that masks your present location to look like the billing address of the credit card you want to card.

If you are a trader doing buying and selling for clients with their credit cards, once your present location matches with your billing address, then there is a high probability of successful purchase. For the shipping address, you can always use a drop in the same location and achieve a seamless shipping.


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