Do you have people monitoring you on Facebook? Are there things you’d want to do but can’t do due to the watchful eyes of friends or family on your profile? Then maybe you should consider hiding your Facebook profile if you don’t want to deactivate your account anytime soon. I will show you how I hide my Facebook account without deactivating it.

You can’t hide your Facebook profile from public search without deactivating it. But there are things you can do to prevent a lot of people from seeing your profile through Facebook or Public Search.


You can design your Facebook account to be invisible to everyone except friends and friends of friends, or you can choose to hide your Facebook account from a select group of users, depending on your needs. On the other hand, you can deactivate your account if you merely want to hide your Facebook account after you sign out.

How to hide my Facebook Account without deactivating it

There is no direct ability to hide Facebook comments or posts from friends, as we have already stated. To limit the number of people who can see your profile and send you a friend request, you need to make changes and try different things.

By making a few easy setting changes, you can temporarily hide your Facebook account without deactivating it.

Alternatively, you can deactivate your main account and Learn to create a Fake Second Profile.

  1. To access the options, log into your Facebook account and select the “more options” or “drop-down” arrow.
  2. Afterwards, select “Settings & Privacy”.
  3. Click “Settings” once more under the “Privacy & Settings” section.
  4. Next, go to “How People Find and Contact You” by selecting “Privacy” from the left sidebar.
  5. To reduce the number of search options, you can quickly change your “How people can find you on Facebook” settings here.
  • Who can send you friend requests? Go to the “Friends of Friends” section. Through this feature, you can prevent people who are not friends with your friends from sending friend requests.
  • Who can look you up using the email address you gave? Choose “Only Me.” No one will ever again be able to find you using your email address after this.
  • Who can find you using the phone number you supplied? Change it to “Only me.” Facebook will no longer allow someone to look you up on Facebook using your phone number.
  • Do you want external search engines to link to your profile on Facebook? Simply choose “No” to make Facebook cease indexing your accounts on other public search engines.

Now that your Facebook account has been modified, you can see that you can prevent Facebook and public searches from finding it. However, a third person can look you up online.

How to Hide Your Last Name on Facebook.

Hide your last name on Facebook for this. Using this method, you can also hide your Facebook account from someone without blocking them.

For this;

  • Launch the free Facebook version.
  • Go to the Settings and Privacy section or the Account language settings directly.
  • Choose “Tamil” as your language. Latin characters are not used in this language.
  • Go back to the page for name changes.
  • Simply remove your last name before saving the adjusted settings.

How does deactivating my Facebook account work?

Facebook stores all of your preferences, pictures, and data when you deactivate your account in case you decide to reinstate it later. Your information is not lost; it is merely obscured. Your account can, however, be completely deleted without a chance of recovery.

 How can I keep my Facebook postings private?

Select Privacy in the left-hand window by going to Settings & Privacy, then click Limit Past Posts. By selecting this option, all of your public postings are instantly made friend-only and hidden from the public.

 Is deactivating Facebook a wise move?

Deactivate or delete your account if you cease using a social networking profile or website. Your content will no longer be searchable and will no longer be displayed online as a result. Also, it will make it impossible for these accounts to be hacked or used by someone else without your knowledge.

If you deactivate your Facebook account, can someone still find you there?

Facebook doesn’t send you any notifications at all when you deactivate your account. Unless they try to look for your now-deactivated profile or they ask you in person, your friends won’t be aware that you’ve deactivated your account.

How do I make all of my Facebook posts and images private?

In the Profile Section,

From the “add story” option, select “activity log” from the drop-down menu next to the “add story” option in the “profile” section of the app.

Next, locate “manage activities.” You have the option to hide and remove postings. On Instagram, it is already possible to accomplish this.

How can I entirely hide my Facebook profile from the public?

  • On any Facebook screen, click the arrow in the upper-right corner.
  • From the drop-down box, choose Settings & Privacy.
  • Afterwards, select Settings.
  • In the left pane, select Privacy.
  • “Who can view your upcoming posts” is the first item on the list.
  • To save the modification, select Close.

How can I avoid being found on Facebook?

How to be totally untraceable on Facebook

  • To begin, select “Privacy Settings” by clicking on the cog in the top right corner.
  • Choose “only me” from the drop-down box for the strictest settings. This makes sure that only you can view any upcoming posts.

Is deleting Facebook Better Than deactivating it?

Simply said, delete your Facebook account if you want to quit using it forever. On the other hand, deactivate your account if you’d rather go on a little social media detox. You’ll be able to see your old posts and photographs once your account is reactivated. You’ll also be able to reconnect with your Facebook groups and followers.

How can I briefly uninstall Facebook?

How can my Facebook account be momentarily deactivated?

  • Click Settings after swiping down.
  • Scroll down and select Your Facebook Information, then tap Account Ownership and Control.
  • To deactivate and delete, simply tap on it.
  • After selecting Deactivate Account, tap Continue to Account Deactivation.
  • In order to confirm, follow the directions.

What occurs when you Facebook block someone?

You cut off all communication with a person on social media when you block them on Facebook. The user who blocks another user and the one who has blocked both benefits from blocking. Someone you’ve blocked on Facebook won’t be able to find any evidence of you on the social networking site after that.

 On Facebook, how do I completely block someone?

Open the person’s Facebook profile and select “More” in the Facebook app or click the three horizontal dots next to Messages on You can choose “Block” there. To completely block that individual from Messenger and Facebook, tap Block.

How can I tell if Facebook has blocked me?

Finding a mutual friend on Facebook—someone you know they have added—and utilizing the box in the right-hand corner to search that person’s friend list is an even better way to see if you were blocked. You can see whether they only unfriended you if you see their name.

Video Tutorial to Hide my Facebook Account without Deactivating it


Reading this article should give you a clear indication that it is possible to hide your Facebook account without deactivating it. Well, if you choose to hide your Facebook account and also deactivate it, simply follow the steps above.

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