Introducing Datavilla, a company that deals with the sales of Affordable Internet Data Plans, Airtime VTU, Cable and Electricity on Wholesale and Retail in Nigeria.

Datavilla also offers the best rate and commission for vtu resellers in Nigeria.

DataVilla Commission

  • Electricity: 1% off discount
  • Cable: 2% off discount
  • Airtime: 4% off discount
  • Data: Up to 50% off discount

Why DataVilla?

Datavilla platform is fully automated. So, expect instant delivery with no DELAY with dedicated customer support.

Employment Opportunities in Nigeria at Datavilla

You can partner with datavilla and make legit money online offering telecom services. This can be done in three ways:

  • Buy for your customers from your datavilla account
  • Connect your web/app with datavilla well-structured API
  • Buy datavilla retailer website and become your own boss

Datavilla VTU App?

Android users can download datavilla app on Google play store by searching the play store for “Datavilla”

How To Buy Cheap Data Plans On DataVilla ?

To get started, please register on

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