A controversial bill protecting fat people from weight discrimination has been passed in New York City.


The bill, which is set to be signed into law by Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams this month, would outlaw discrimination on the basis of a person’s ‘height or weight’ in ’employment, housing, and public accommodation’.


Reacting to the bill,  Republican New York City council minority leader Joseph Borelli claimed it will empower people to ‘sue anyone and everything’.


Councilman Shaun Abreu, one of the bill’s main sponsors, said he realized weight discrimination was a ‘silent burden’ after he was treated differently when he gained more than 40lbs during lockdown.


The bill had the support of charities and activists like self-styled ‘Fat Fab Feminist’ Victoria Abraham who testified to the city council in support of the legislation earlier this year.


Councilman Abreu said: ‘They’re being discriminated against with no recourse and society saying that’s perfectly fine.’


Miss Abraham, who campaigns for civil rights for overweight people, testified to the city council to help inform policymaking.


She told ABC7NY: ‘In most places in the United States, you can get fired for being fat and have no protection at all, which is crazy because this is a very fat country.’


The Bill received widespread support and passed 44-5 in the council on Thursday, but faced criticism from some.


Councilman Borelli told the New York Times: ‘I’m overweight but I’m not a victim. No-one should feel bad for me except my struggling shirt buttons.’

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