We’ve presented you with various options if you are a business owner or just an entrepreneur. Now you have options on how to get Moniepoint POS and Opay POS. Today I’m going to show you how to get Palmpay POS easily.

Palmpay offers a lot of goodies as you provide these mini-bank services to your immediate environment. The Chinese owners of Palmpay are also the owners of Palm Credit and Eazybuy.

Things You Should Know Before You Apply for PalmPay POS

1. Agents must be familiar with the transaction patterns and user interface of the app. So, you must be able to perform multiple transactions using the PalmPartner app

2. A physical space that isn’t close to other Palmpay agents

3. A valid identification document e.g. international passport, voter’s card, NIN, or driver’s license

4. Utility bill e.g light bill, water bill, waste bill, rent receipt, and so on

5. A valid CAC business document (for business owners only)

6. Valid account number

How to Apply for PalmPay POS

To successfully request for Palmpay POS machine, you need to start by downloading the necessary application software into your phone.

1. Download PalmPartner from iOS or Android Playstore

2. Complete the application form in the app

3. Agree to the terms and conditions

4. Upload the required documents

5. Submit

6. Sit back and expect a call from the PalmPay team (within 7 days)

Once your PalmPay Agent application is approved and you’ve gotten your PalmPay POS Machine. The next thing to do is activate it; there’ll be an instruction that comes with the POS Machine. From there, you can learn how to set up the POS machine and start using it to process and accept payments for customers.


How Much Does it Cost to Apply for a PalmPay POS Machine?

The PalmPay application is FREE. Although, you have to pay a caution fee of N20,000 for the ordinary PalmPay POS and N30,000 for the Android device. 

Where Do I Download the PalmPay and PalmPartner App?

Here are the links to download PalmPay and PalmPartner for your transactions.

  1. PalmPay: iOS | Android
  2. PalmPartner: iOS |  Android

Is PalmPay safe?

PalmPay is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to receive your deposits and carry out other financial businesses. So yes, PalmPay is safe.

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