With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram has grown to become one of the most widely used social networking sites in the world. The platform was first intended for photo sharing but has since developed into a place to become friends with a stranger on Instagram, as well as interact and make deep connections. However, meeting strangers on Instagram and trying to establish a friendship can be challenging.

How to become friends with a stranger on Instagram

Making friends with strangers on Instagram can be intimidating, but with the right approach, it can be a positive and fulfilling experience. Here are some tips to help you start making meaningful connections with people on Instagram:

  1. Find people who share your interests

The first step regarding how to become friends with a stranger on Instagram is to find those who share your interests, even if they are a foreigner. This makes it easy for you to communicate with each other. Start by looking up hashtags linked to your interests.

You can identify other users who are posting about the same subjects you are by using hashtags that are related to your interests.

To find hashtags, simply type the hashtag into Instagram’s search bar to get random people as friends. The explore page can also be used to identify relevant hashtags and content.

When you locate a post that piques your interest, you can look through the user’s profile to see if you share any mutual interests.

  1. Follow before sending a message

Don’t be hesitant to let them know who you are. Suppose the person is a guy; you want to properly begin the conversation. When you hit the follow button, it simply demonstrates your interest in the posts of the person and that you would like to see more of their posts. Also, if you DM the stranger, they are more likely to see your message if they follow you back.

If you send a direct message (DM) to someone who doesn’t follow you on Instagram, the Instagram account receives it, but it may take some time for the stranger to see it because it gets into a filtered inbox.

  1. React to their posts

Random people get friends on Instagram by simply liking their photos or leaving a positive comment. A gentle technique to establish your connection is by dropping hearts on their posts. Double-tap on three or four of the best photos as you scroll through their stream. The stranger will be informed that someone has reacted to their pictures, which can prompt them to view your profile before you ever speak.

You can show the stranger that you’re interested in more than just their appearance by liking pictures that showcase their interests rather than just pictures.

You might add a question or a comment to an image you like. For instance, you might comment on their outstanding outfit by asking:

I love those shoes, where did you buy them?

You can like the content they’ve shared in the recent several months, but try to stay away from anything older. If it appears that you are looking through all of their Instagram posts, it might be a little unsettling.

  1. Share how you discovered their profile in a direct message

Another step towards becoming friends with a stranger on Instagram is to share how you came across their profile.

This can make your message appear less unexpected in their DM. Do they have a link to their Instagram profile on dating apps where you saw them? Or, perhaps you share a large number of followers and they frequently appear on your Explore page. This is an excellent opening when you want to become friends with a stranger on Instagram since it makes you look less random and more like a real user experience.

You can try using the following sentence as an example:

Hi, Kim. I came across your profile while scrolling through my Explore page. I had to say hello because your artwork is amazing.

  1. Avoid using abbreviations

Ensure that all words are typed out in full. When you want to text a stranger on Instagram, don’t be too lazy to type the words out completely. Before sending the message, double-check your spelling and autocorrect to avoid saying something you didn’t mean to.

Abbreviations and poor vocabulary can make a stranger lose interest in the conversation, especially if the person is a rich Instagram user you just found.

  1. State your motive for reaching out to them

Undoubtedly, something drew your attention to them. Hence, tell them what that is! It’s a classy method to compliment them in a fun way while still letting them know who you are as a person. Use a phrase like:

Your Instagram aesthetic is amazing.

I adore your entire vibe

I was impressed when I learned that you were a roller derby fan.

We share a lot of friends, so I assumed we would get along

All of these will help you become friends with a stranger on Instagram, even if you randomly came across their profile.

  1. React to their story

This is another way to start a conversation as well as become friends with a stranger on Instagram. React to their stories in addition to commenting on a photo of theirs. Story responses are rather private than public.

You might get a faster response when chatting with people in DMs than in the comments section of their page because some people prefer to do so.

For example, if they post a video of their puppy, you could say:

That puppy of yours is ADORABLE! What’s its name?

If their story includes images of what appears to be a delectable dinner, you could respond:

I really enjoy that spot, but I’ve never had that! How was it?

  1. Mention something you both share in common

Examine their profile for common interests, mutual friends, or areas you’ve both visited.

Browse through their stream, looking for anything to which you can relate. Perhaps you both enjoy eating at the same restaurant or have visited the same location. Inform them about it and continue the conversation by asking them questions.

Say something like:

I notice we both seem to have photos with Jeff. How did you come to know him?


I noticed you frequently post vegan food. What is your favorite vegan restaurant in town?

  1. Send them a photo

Consider sharing a relevant photo of something interesting with them to help the course of establishing communication with the stranger. If you think they have shared a photo of you that you don’t feel comfortable with, you can follow Instagram guidelines to resolve it.

If they write about wanting to discover the best pizza in town, you could send them a photo of a genuinely fantastic pie. If their latest recent post is a photo of them in front of a bright mural, you may send a photo of yourself in the same location.

  1. Send them a link or article to an upcoming event

Make sure the link you send is related to something they’re interested in. It could be a press release, news piece, or event page that reminds you of them. Send the link to their DM along with a quick message explaining why you think they’d like it.

For example, if they mention that they would like to do something exciting this weekend, you could post where your band is performing.

Also, If you’ve read anything you believe they’d enjoy, you could give a book recommendation to the Instagram stranger.


  1. Stick to light topics

Maintain a pleasant tone in your talk to keep them interested. Just like in real life, a positive attitude can help you build new relationships on Instagram.

Discuss things that thrill and bring you joy, such as your hobbies and interests. Praise the other person and attempt to find something positive to say about whatever you’re discussing. This will make them think of you as lovely, making the stranger more likely to listen to you.

Avoid controversial topics such as politics, religion, and civil rights issues, unless you are certain that you share similar beliefs with the stranger.

  1. Give them time to reply

When you send a message, wait for a reply. Don’t just keep sending messages every time, it might look offensive.

Moreover, keep in mind that if the reader is not following you, your message may be routed to a filtered folder and they may not receive it right away.

You may check to see if your message has been read on Instagram. If it reads “Seen”, but no response,  stop messaging them repeatedly. 

  1. Take note of their conversational tone

Make sure you are mirroring their intensity in your responses. Don’t send a large wall of text if they are just sending brief messages and taking a long time to respond. Avoid being extremely goofy or flirtatious if they appear to be quite serious.

On the other hand, if they’re replying rapidly to your messages and seem really into it, feel free to engage in some friendly banter!

Likewise, try to stay on track with the discourse. If you abruptly swerve away from the issue, it can appear unprofessional.

Ask follow-up questions regarding what the other person is saying to demonstrate that you are paying attention. Offer your thoughts as well, so it doesn’t appear as if you’re only questioning them.

  1. Propose a meetup if necessary

You can suggest a meetup if you’ve decided it’s time to move the conversation offline. Be sure you’re not dealing with a Yahoo boy. Everything depends on how comfortable you are with this.

To prevent misunderstandings, be certain that he or she fully comprehends your intentions. Exchange conversations with the person for a while to see if you click and if now is the ideal time to meet.

You could say:

I’d love to meet up soon, but it’s been so much fun conversing with you here. This Saturday, would you like to visit a cafe?  

I am aware that you stated that you enjoy superhero films. Would you like to watch the newest Batman movie with me?

You can opt to modify the aforementioned examples. Just ensure to meet up in an open place if you receive a favorable answer.

Whether you’re seeking a simple friendship or a passionate relationship, be sure to proceed cautiously.


Instagram is a great platform for connecting with people from all over the world. To become friends with strangers on Instagram, you need to find people with common interests, be genuine and friendly, build a relationship, take it offline if you feel comfortable, and be patient. Remember to always prioritize your safety and take precautions when meeting someone you met online. With these tips in mind, you may just find some wonderful new friends on Instagram.

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