How will you feel starting an online Business, investing time, money and effort without making a din? Frustrating right? But this is the case with many online Marketers.

They build an attractive website with fancy logo, in most cases good content. But make zero sales. Something is wrong, and Its time to Fix it.

Where do i start from? you may ask!

Begin with the foundation. No matter how beautiful your building might look, if the foundation is bad, the building will collapse.

Here's a big secret! The foundation of your online Business is your target niche. if your niche market is not well researched, you will soon go out of business. Fear not for i am with you, i have cracked the code to some of the best profitable niches.

I will Not only give you 124 best niche market i have come up with, but i will also Point you In the right direction on how to come up with your own niches.This is good News right? Shhhhhhh! Don't share this with anyone, i want it to be Private because i will be updating the list.

At the bottom of this post, you will get your private link to download the entire list of 124 profitable niches you can tap into right now.

I don't want to only give you fish to eat, i also want to teach you how to fish. In addition to the list above, below Are 5 others ways to come up with profitable niches. 

Amazon search engine

This is by far my #1 goto place for discovering New profitable niches. Amazon is a world giant Ecommerce website that Sells all kinds of products, from physical to digital products.

Ok... enough of the praises, how to we discover profitable niche from Amazon? Below is a step by step breakdown on how to go about it. At this Junction, whatever distraction That's around you should be set aside. Lets get down to business. 

* Lets start by visiting Amazon website

Congratulations, for reading this far. You have proven to be among the few that do than many that talks. But before we proceed with the Second Strategy, where you able to come up with at least 5 niches? 

If NO, please stop reading right now. go back to implement the Strategy above before proceeding. 

Most times People consume information without applying it, this is not only a waste of time but also a waste of opportunity. Information is only useful when executed. 

Now you have completed the first step, the Second best Strategy is... 


As the name implies, this is An Article directory. But the Good news is that this website contains a huge list of profitable niches as seen below... 

* First lets head over to their website 

Can You see how Easy it is to come up with multiple niches? We are just scratching the surface. And you already have a huge list of niches to tap into.

Before we proceed, please keep in mind that our goal here is to come up with as many niches as possible. We Are going to look into each of the niches you came up with to see if its profitable or not. By the end of the niche research, you will choose the best 2 and discard the rest. 

That brings us to the third method of coming up with profitable niche... 


Do what you love? Bullshit. No one cares about your love. People want to know what can your love do for them. 

You and i have heard about the concept of do what you love over and over again. Your goal is not to do what you love, but what the market wants. I wanted to scrap this out of the list, but i guess its important. And here is how to go about it... 

First, look into your past life experience and make a List of all the challenges you have faced. It could be in your Health such as back ache, toothache, depression. Or in your relationship such as breakup, loss of dear friend, fear in approaching a woman. Or perhaps it could be in your business such as how to get new customers.

Just make a life of the challenges you have faced be it your hobbies or whatever. Take 30 minutes for this Exercise. Don't filter, just write as fast as you can remember. 

Remember that we are going to make further research on this life to see if we can find a profitable niche to build our business upon. 

Anyway, moving on... My forth Strategy is 

Book stores

Congratulations for making it till the very end of this post, I am so proud of you. Like i promised, here is your private link to the 133 profitable niches you can tap into right away. And the password is "free". Visit here to view all. Remember to enter the password (free) to access the page.

In other to keep this post short, we will look into the niches you have come up with in my next post. You will see how to do Proper niche research to enable you avoid pitfall most Marketers Are already into. Stay tuned for my email....

If you have any question you can use the comment Section or email me directly on Also you can reach me directly on phone 08034671809 

About the Author Bryan

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