Finding rich guys on Instagram is tricky because you do not know who is actually rich and who is faking to be rich. You might see a guy with many followers displaying riches and wealth, only to discover he is actually “broke” in reality. In this post, I will show you a process to allow you to find rich guys on Instagram and how to keep them coming to you.

Your online perception matters on Instagram, so you should project a rich personality and lifestyle if you intend to find rich guys on Instagram.


What this means is that you will have to put yourself in their class, do what they do, and elevate yourself to high standards. It’s not that it should become your daily lifestyle, but for the sake of creating an Instagram personality, project your best self on IG.

Just in case you are looking for other options, you can also find rich guys on Tinder and in other places around the internet.

This is like a summary, so let’s dive into details of how to find rich guys on Instagram using my secret methods.

Super Quick Tactics to Find Rich Guys on Instagram

Following these tips will surely help you get rich guys on Instagram. The beauty of this process is that they’d be the one chasing and you do the acceptance or rejection.

Quality Hot Photos in Expensive Locations

Guys are turned on by visuals, and once what they see is good, it impairs their decision making skills.

For your visuals, you should go to expensive locations and take some hot quality pictures. For example, you could go to a car rent shop and snap some pictures inside a Lamborghini. Visit the beach and take pictures inside a yacht.

way of dressing to find rich guys on Instagram

A simple and hot looking dress

If you are on vacation, you can find expensive restaurants, and take pictures right inside the premise.

You don’t have to buy anything there, so as not to waste money. You just have to be strategic and do what it takes. There are lots of nice places to take pictures that would make a statement about the quality of your life.

What type of picture should you take?

Something in between modest and hot. It shouldn’t be completely provocative, so as not to be labeled a t*ot. But it should be enough to stir curiosity in the eyes of your viewers. This is enough to get you started on your journey.

If you can’t maintain the same consistency over time, then you should dedicate a day to get all these photos, then subsequently post it o Instagram bit by bit.

Use Hashtags to Find the Rich Instagram Accounts

I wouldn’t recommend going after celebrities because you’d face competition from others who are looking to achieve the same thing as you.

There are other super rich guys who aren’t celebrities but are balling and living the life. There is no competition for such guys because they are under the radar or not getting the attention that they should get.

So, these types of guys don’t have a lot of girls on their online profile, making them perfect targets.

You can use hashtags generators or search for some like #luxurylifestyle, #richandfamous, #wealthylife, #luxuryliving, #millionairemindset, and #wealthy

Alternatively, you can also search using specific luxury brand names, since most of them flaunt their wealth using branded item names.

Use the Comment Section to get Attention

You have to do this right; else you’d look like a gold digger. Most people would wait till a rich guy post something exotic before they comment on his post. He uses all the comments he gets on the post as a validation.

When you find rich guys on Instagram, consistently comment on their regular posts or comic reels, those are the ones that will get the attention you want.

If they post a meme, you can react by sending a laughing emoji, or something, then follow it up with a conversation.

Also, you can request for them to follow you back, which they will gladly oblige to in many cases.

Once rich guys start following you, then you got to play a perfect game from that point going forward.

Start Posting Quality Images

Do you remember the pictures of yourself you’ve captured and posted on your profile, then you should double up on them.

Remember, the idea isn’t just to post raunchy images, but images that shows you off as classy and also enticing.

Also, your background should be classy, and your picture should always remain dope.

Keep your DM Exchanges Simple

You will eventually get a direct message from these rich guys if you follow the instructions I have given.

You should keep your DM simple and classy. Remember that you asked them to follow you back, but you should also play a bit hard to get. The reason is that so you don’t get used.

In as much as you want to find rich guys on Instagram, you are a woman and still have you pride to keep.

If you sound too excited, you will be taken for granted. So, remember to keep it entertaining and also play the long-term game.

Get Referrals from their Following.

Another way to find rich guys on Instagram is to check who they are also following. One thing you should understand is that the rich follow each other, so it is easier to network once you get into the circle.

Check their following, look out for their friends, and begin your journey from there. Remember to be smart; they are all friends and would definitely that you are following each other. This is to avoid getting passed around by the same friends. It is quite common among the rich guys clique.



If you can’t do all of these with your main Instagram account, Instagram allows you to open multiple accounts, as long as you are using it for something legitimate.

Finding rich guys on Instagram to become friends with them isn’t illegal. So, you can open a second Instagram without getting blocked by Instagram using these steps. If you can’t on Instagram, then you can open a second Facebook account.

To find rich guys on Instagram isn’t rocket science, but to keep them and become friends with them require strategy.

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