In online dating, everybody has different reasons for signing up to dating platforms. While some are looking for chat buddies, dates, long-term relationships, there are special people looking for the rich mates. If you are interested in meeting rich guys on tinder, then this post will show you how to find rich guys on tinder easily.

There are many misconceptions about meeting people on Tinder. While some may assume it is a hookup platform, others might believe that nothing good can come out of Tinder.


It may seem impossible but finding wealthy men on Tinder is feasible. Here are some pointers on how to identify and approach billionaires on Tinder.

Tinder Select is the best way to find rich guys on Tinder. It is an exclusive plan on Tinder that allows only the wealthy and famous people to get on. It is invite-only plan, making it difficult for the regular user to access.

But asides from Tinder-Select which is an invitation-only plan, there are other ways to find rich guys on Tinder. It has worked for me, so you’d have to go through the same route, and I can guarantee that it would also work for you.

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Steps to Find Rich Guys on Tinder

Once you follow these steps I have highlighted here, then your chances of getting rich guys increases exponentially.

Sign up for Tinder Platinum

This is the highest Tinder plan on the Tinder application. It allows you to do a lot of things that you can’t do on the free plan.

Listen, you have to put in the work and invest to get yourself out there in front of these rich guys. You may be beautiful, but so are other girls too. And rich guys don’t lack beautiful girls, they always have one or two around them all the time.

Maybe you have something extra to offer, but you need to invest to increase your visibility.

With the Tinder Platinum plan, you can do:

  • Boost your visibility
  • See who liked you
  • Have unlimited swipes
  • Special priority
  • Send super Likes

This is the closest you can get to the Tinder-Select plan. Many of the rich guys might not be opportune to see your profile, so if you see someone you think is rich, then you can easily like theirs, or send a super like to show higher attraction.

With the privilege of having options to a lot of men, how do you now get to find rich guys on Tinder?

Optimize Your Tinder Profile

The optimization of your Tinder profile involves everything. It starts from your profile pictures to your bio, work experience, network, and even down to your likes and dislikes.

Your profile pictures must show class, elegance, and someone who would be worth spending for.

Your bio must read of someone who is aspiring to be better, and looking to make a difference in the world. This is how to get the rich men are looking for, not just some liability.

Your likes and dislikes shouldn’t sound like someone who is entitled and looking to receive what they can’t give.

For the profile pictures, get a quality photo by a talented photographer. Choose exotic spots and locations that oozes elegance. That way, when you find rich guys on Tinder, they will also be willing to match back.

Remember, it isn’t just about beauty, every other thing I mentioned here plays a huge role.

Look for Premium Brands

One thing I can let you know is that the rich will always show subtle signs that they are rich. I don’t mean a nobody flaunting some expensive brands; I mean a somebody dressing expensively simple.

We can only work on the limited information we can detect to spot these things out. So from my experience, you may deduce that a guy is affluent if their profile photo includes a luxury brand, such as Gucci, Rolex, or Louis Vuitton.

Pay Attention to their Picture Location

The average guy won’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive locations. So, when someone has five of their six pictures in expensive locations, then it is safe to say that they have cash to spend on you.

If you see a guy with a lot of gyms mirror pictures, or random street pictures, no matter their bio, but you shouldn’t consider such a guy rich. If someone is visiting pricey locales, it’s likely that they have the resources to do so.

Consider Their Career

If they have a well-paying job, they probably have a comfortable lifestyle. Look for careers in the medical, legal, and entrepreneurial fields. The downside of this is that most guys working in such fields might not be trendy – fashion wise, so you might not really have that close vibe with them.

But for finances, they have enough to spend and share with you. So, you might have to sacrifice something for another if you have to find rich guys on Tinder.

Investigate social media

A person’s social media profile may provide a reliable sign of their financial status. Look for pricey trips, posh vehicles, and luxury clothing.

You can also look out for their clique of friends, whom they are hanging out with, and their daily activities.

That way, you can have a good idea if the guy is rich. This is another way to find rich guys on Tinder.

Join Tinder Select

Join Tinder Select to meet millionaires. It’s a unique variation of the app that only famous and rich individuals may use.

The downside is that it is an invitation-only version of Tinder, so you can’t get in without someone inviting. This is where you have to well use your network of friends.

Use your network to find out if they are on the Tinder Select plan. That way, they can easily invite you and you become also part of the elite Tinder plan. Once you get in, then you have to also use their connection to know if someone is affluent, go out to your network of friends and acquaintances. Most likely, someone connected them through someone else.

You should encounter wealthy men on Tinder quickly if you use these pointers. Good fortune!

How to Get Into Tinder Select Plan

A Tinder Select invite can be obtained in one of two ways:


  • Obtain a Tinder Select user’s nomination
  • Be chosen by Tinder for inclusion

The method used by Tinder to select members for the Tinder Select plan to find rich guys on Tinder is actually a secret.

But according to reports, it has something to do with your Elo Score, the algorithmic ranking method used by Tinder to decide who you match with and how you compare to other users.

Since then, Tinder has claimed that it no longer uses the Elo Score, although the company still uses a rating system to determine how well-liked you are among local users.

Whatever it’s called, a significant portion of your score depends on how many right swipes you receive in comparison to other users. Your images must be top-notch. Check out these 9 simple methods to edit your photographs so they’re suitable for Tinder Select!

However, other elements of your profile are important as well because the program also assesses your level of “desirability.” The inner workings of Tinder’s rating system haven’t been made public, although the algorithm probably considers information like your degree, employment, bio, etc.

Do we Have Famous People on Tinder?

We understand that celebrities are just like us. Even though they are busy trying to make an impact with their dress on others, they want to release some stress while they are free.

But unfortunately, most of the millionaires and celebrities aren’t on the regular Tinder. They are using the Tinder Select Plan.


Getting regular guys matches on Tinder is simple but getting rich guys on Tinder requires planning and strategy. After all, who wouldn’t want to get a partner that has the resources and is ever willing to spoil. So go ahead, invest in yourself, and get the man of your dreams with these simple tips I have explained in this article.


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