What’s up, female hustlers? In this post, I will teach you girls some quick game on how to hunt for men that have cash. You might not be opportune to find yourself in Dubai, hunting for Arab money, but I am pretty sure that around your hood, there are men with a lot of cash. In this quick tutorial, I will show you how to get a man with money.

There are different types of men with money, and you don’t treat them the same way. We have the loud money, and we have the quiet money. Depending on the type of man you meet, you should have these strategies at the back of your mind.


In this article, we will be considering the places to get a man with money, and also the strategies to employ to get a man with money.

When you are at the right place and use the right strategy, then you are sure of landing yourself a good machine.

How to Get a Man With Money

11 Simple Tactics to Get a Man with Money

These are some of the strategies I used to get high quality men, it can also work for you. Try them out, while also modifying to suit your situation.

Visit Specific Places

While your area might not have some of these places mentioned here, you should endeavor to visit places you are familiar with on the list.

Yacht Clubs

Close to every beach, there are lots of yacht owners. If you closest beach doesn’t have yachts around, then you should visit places with such. Not every yacht owner is super rich, but they surely have a lot of money.

yacht events are places to get a man with money

Yacht cruise event

This is always possible during the summer, so you should make plans as early as possible. There are specific cities like Ibiza in Spain known for hosting rich activities and with a lot of rich people. If you have such places around your location, then you should strategize to always visit. This would increase your chances of getting a man with money.

Expensive Gyms

There is no better place to see men with money and also get seduced easily than in an expensive gym. People with money love attending functions at places where you can’t find the average joe.

The reason for this is to create a distinction between them and the lower people in the society. As someone looking to get a man with money, an expensive gym should be your target location.

In an expensive gym, you can also easily seduce by even making the first move. Make sure to study your target and confirm if they are truly rich before you make a move.

Expensive Bars

Just like the expensive gyms, these high-brow bars will host a lot of rich people and will open up opportunities to get a man with money for yourself.

VIP Club Sections

A table for One wouldn’t be such a big deal for you, and it would be a wonderful investment should you finally get a man with money. In most cases, you might finally get invited to the rich man’s table and every other thing for the night will be taken care of.

Flirt With Your Eyes on Your Target

You can say a lot with your eyes, and you should use it to your benefit when you see a man you assume has money. If the man is around you with no other girl, then you should exchange a bit of eye contact to warm up a potential meeting.

While flirting with your eyes, endeavor not to overlook, as this might become creepy.

Smile With Eye Contact

Men often ask “how do I know a lady wants me to approach her”, and one way we figure out a lady who is interested in us is by seeing her smile when our eyes lock together.

If you finally get eye contact, smile, and let the rich man know that you are open to a meeting.

Play the Damsel in Distress

Nature has made men always want to provide. One way to get a man with money is to pretend like you are in distress.

After potential eye contacts, your next move would be pretend like you are looking for your purse, searching for something you can’t find, or looking distressed.

Majority of the time, the man might walk up to you to figure out if something is wrong, and this strategy always works out fine.

Approach Yourself

If the target is yet to approach, then you have to take the bold step yourself. Men with money love women with confidence. So, approaching such a man yourself is always going to be an excellent decision.

Even if he isn’t interested at that moment, he will never turn you down. You can use the opportunity to get his phone contact for the right opportunity.

Talk the Big Talk

If you happen to be in a conversation with a guy with money, there should be no room for small talks.

Ask him about his business, what he does, his investments, what keeps him going, his career. These are the kind of talks that get rich men endeared to girls who are with them.

If you talk the small talk, he will probably qualify you as the regular gold digger and you won’t get the opportunity for the long term. To get a man with money, you have to impress them with your brains and also your body.

Flirt with your Body Language

While you are talking the big talk, he is accessing your body language to know whether you are interested in him or just being a professional.

Make sure you show off some flirty body moves to show that you are ready to take whatever discussion both of you are having to the next level.

Don’t be too forward Vocally

A man with money has seen a lot of girls in his lifetime and being too forward vocally will raise up a red flag.

Every action you take to show that you are ready to move your friendship forward should always be subtle.

Some good signs are.

  • Smile and touch his arms
  • Place your hands on his laps and retract them immediately
  • Stare and smile at him for a few seconds and remove your eyes.

All these are likable signals to men, and you should exploit it.


Dress Classy on Dates

He will always invite you out on a date, so be sure to put on a classy dress. Rich people have rich friends, so make it easier for him to introduce you to his friends and network.

If you dress poorly, he might find it difficult and unwilling to introduce you to his network. Even if he goes ahead and introduces you, they might convince him to drop you for a better girl.

Don’t offer Advice, Listen and Encourage

When he complains about something regarding business or finances, he doesn’t need your advice. He knows better than you, so either encourage him or just listen and empathize.

Don’t offer any form of advice, as you might end up saying something misleading or sound like a complete jerk.

Show Loyalty

If you finally become friends, show subtly that you are loyal. This is the fastest way to make a man to spoil you. Nothing pisses a man with money off faster than being with something that anyone can have.

He sees you as a prized asset, so he wants you to be with just him alone. In a subtle way, always communicate that you are loyal to him alone and would remain loyal to him.


To get a man with money is a competition, as you are literally competing with other people who also have such motives.

If you play your game right, you go home with the prize.

The crucial step is finding the rich man that you intend to seduce. Once you find the man, the other steps are quite easier to execute.

While you are still with one person, always have a backup plan. It isn’t advisable to put all your eggs in one basket.


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