You want to get around Bumble swipe limit if your screen suddenly hit the end of the line. This is not a technical issue on Bumble, it’s just a feature limiting how much you Bumble if you’re caught going frenzy.

Bumble believes that introducing the swipe limit will bring about more genuine, quality connections for every user, as well as encourage more intentional swiping. Unfortunately, this does not sit well with users who rely on their swipes with hopes of eventually finding someone they can strike up conversations with meaningful connections.


Bumble does not specify the total swipes your get on free accounts each day. However, the app can tell when you’re in a frenzy and will limit your swipes for the next 24 hours.

How the swipe limit works

There’s no specific number of swipes you have to make for Bumble to limit you, at least they’ve not disclosed that yet. Some people will make even more than 40 swipes while others make only fewer and get limited.

The painful thing is having to wait for 24 hours before swiping for more people you can establish a connection with. If you’re hit with the Bumble swipe limit at 12 pm, your swipes will refresh at 12 pm the following day.

How to get around Bumble swipe limit

How to get around Bumble swipe limit

Having known the reason Bumble is limiting your swipe, what is the way to get around Bumble swipe limit?

1. Get Bumble Boost or Premium subscription

If you go into a frenzy and the Bumble system detects that, you will be hit with a daily swipe limit. The limit blocks you from swiping for 24 hours, according to Bumble.

To be able to swipe again, you’d have to wait for the swipes to reset, but waiting this long can be annoying and you may be missing a potential match that could have turned into a meaningful connection.

To continue your swiping spree, consider getting unlimited votes with a Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium subscription. This is Bumble’s way of making the money, so the feature is not just about increasing intentional swiping to find connections.

2. Wait it out using other dating spaces

Normally, waiting it out is advisable while you switch to a different dating space like Tinder.

When you switch to a different app, you will quickly forget about the swipe limit on Bumble. Make sure to sign up to multiple platforms you can use whenever Bumble limits your swipe.

3. Change the time and date on your phone

You can change the time and date on your phone to bypass the swipe limit on Bumble. Just change the time on your phone to a day ahead to continue swiping.

This method will let you swipe like forever and you never hit the swipe limit again. However, do these swipes still register as swipes?


It seems Bumble figured this out. If you try this currently, you will not get any matches. When you change your search distance, the people you swiped will return, meaning that the swipes stop registering.

Bumble swipe limit: a hit or miss?

If you use Tinder, you probably know that they have a limit for right and left swipes. However, Tinder gives up to 100 swipes per day, compared to Bumble with no disclosed number of swipes. Tinder users also rarely reach the limit, so it looks okay.

Bumble seems a bit more serious than Tinder, and the users are a bit more long-term like on Harmony. Bumble users want to be sure that they are engaged in a safe relationship or date, and with the swipe limit, users now tend to swipe intentionally rather than go into a frenzy.

Bumble’s restriction on the number of swipes and likes makes it one of the best online dating platforms, and it encourages people to swipe right only on people they can establish an interesting connection.

The Bumble swipe limit also encourages women to make the first move by sending the first message. It seems Bumble prioritizes the safety of girls, which is necessary to find the right men to establish a connection.

What to do if your Bumble swipes do not reset

Your Bumble swipes should reset or refresh after 24 hours. If there’s no reset, contact Bumble Support Team at

The support team will work it out to get you back up and buzzing. Just make sure not to go on a swiping frenzy—carefully go through profiles and try to make reasonable connections.

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