Getting money from a woman is like trying to unscrew an old radio with a knife instead of a set of screwdrivers. That is, it’s difficult, but not impossible. It gets even harder if she’s not your biological relative, or she’s not expecting any sort of financial windfall from you in the nearest future. Forget the feminine anecdotes, or what your pals told you about women. I’m going to be teaching you some tricks on how to get money from a woman, any woman at all.

How to get money from a woman

So, let’s dive into the wild world of getting money from women. Naturally, women consider men the givers, so it’s rather unusual when the reverse is the case. But that’s not to say a woman won’t give you money if you ask, only if you use the right technique.

1. Understand her psychology

Ever heard the old saying “men think logically, women think emotionally”?

This rings true for most women, especially when it comes to money. If it doesn’t appeal to her emotionally in a positive manner, you’re not getting a dime.

This is because, since the dawn of time, the entitled nature of women towards money is the only part that appeals to them emotionally. So, asking them for money will definitely trigger the logical response ‘No’ from them.

2. Leverage your understanding of her psychology

Now that you know most modern women have been programmed to feel entitled towards receiving money as opposed to giving it out, you need to begin working on her psychology ahead of time.

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That is, try to test her reaction to some financially inclined statements a few days before you table your request to her. You could try teasing her with words to make her help you financially like:

Honey, I trust you’d come through for me if the need arises

Women are better financial managers than men (bust her ego with this)

Exercise some discretion and be indirect when doing this, or else you might lose not just your respect, but your ‘manliness’ and ‘worth’ faster than you can say “abracadabra”.

3. Identify your relationship with her

She could be your romantic friend, just a friend, or blood-related. Whatever the case.

Asking a lady who has got a crush on you for money isn’t much of a big deal, you won’t meet much resistance because she’s already too ‘into’ you to think about your request.

She’d say yes more often than not. This is a little similar to asking your female pal for money.

But asking your sister or grumpy old aunt for money is a totally different ball game, you need a whole lot of work to convince them because they know the real you.

So, it’s best if you prepare your data, charts, and figures, because they’re sure to grill you properly on the reasons why you need the money.

4. Be accountable

Another method that will help regarding how to get money from a woman is to be financially responsible and accountable.

She is more than likely to give a man money if she perceives him as being financially responsible.

So, you need to make sure you have created an aura of financial responsibility beforehand, or else you’re not going to get very far with your request for money before she turns you down. You don’t want money from a woman that will try to shame you for owing. If necessary, share with her what you would be doing with the money.

5. Make the request

When it comes to getting money from a woman, you need to understand something; a greater percentage of women have been inclined to think “his money is our money, and my money is mine and mine alone”.

Don’t just drop the bombshell (request) directly, use the art of subtlety to get money from a woman, be it your girlfriend, mom, aunt, or sister.

Meanwhile, you want to pay attention to her body language, and her mood, see how she responds to you (from your previous teases), get her to open up and feel some pity for you (use her vulnerability), then strike!

6. Put on the man attitude

Being a man means taking charge of things. In this case, the conversation. If there’s one thing a man needs to do to gain a woman’s respect, it’s to be a man—

Women don’t love unserious men, take control of the conversation. Let it flow in the direction you choose, use body gestures, and if you happen to know her emotional weakness, you just struck gold.

Tip: Be serious, calm, and talk straight (no ‘erms’ and ‘huhs’).

While you try to get money from a woman, don’t complain or lament. Whether the conversation is on the phone or physical, do not start complaining about your financial situation or lament. It’s a huge turn-off for women.

Instead, sound convincing as if you’ve got a firm grasp on the situation and all you just need is this one-time-off favor from her. And add just a little bit of pity to your voice.

7. Make it reasonable

Women are mostly excellent financial managers when it comes to their own ‘hard-earned’ money. So you need a really good reason to get her to loosen up her purse strings for you.

If you intend to lie, make sure you can back it up and remember it in the future (women don’t forget when it comes to money).

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure your excuse for borrowing or asking for cash is very reasonable.

Society has conditioned everyone to believe “men will be men”, and that “women will be women”. So it’s ok for women to get ‘help’ when they need it, and for men to go ‘sort’ themselves out even when it’s obvious they can’t help themselves.

Whichever method you decide to use, help her to see you as a human being just like her who has problems and grieves just like everyone else.

8. Don’t promise to pay double

It’s easy to make silly promises when you need help. This is especially true for men trying to appeal to the emotional side of women.

Big mistake, women can see through this charade because they have their ‘mental’ guards up when it comes to loosening up their purse strings for others.


So, don’t promise to pay double, or promise to pay her the following day. Instead, tell her you are going to pay back at a reasonable stipulated time (a convenient time frame for you that isn’t too distant).

And better keep to it because women are excellent timekeepers when it comes to money owed.

9. Prepare for rejections

It’s not unusual for you to follow all these guidelines and still get turned down or rejected with either flimsy or reasonable excuses.

Don’t get furious because this might give off your real intention (trust me on this). Instead, take it in calmly and thank her for listening to you.

Doing this puts you in her ‘good books’, and women are more than likely to help anyone in their good books in any way they can.

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How can I make my girlfriend give me money?

First, you need to estimate if she’s in a (financial) position to help you out. Secondly, go to her and explain to her why you need the money. Lastly, tell her it’s a loan and you would pay it back at a stipulated time.

How can I ask my wife for money?

Make sure you have created a good impression early on (especially of being financially responsible), then talk to her in a proper manner in order to help her understand your situation and see why you need the money.

Can I ask any woman for money?

Involving money in any relationship can stress it apart. So it’s not advisable to ask just any woman for money. Before you ask a woman for money, you must consider the type of person she is, her (financial) situation, the kind of relationship you share with her, how likely she is to help you, and how sure you are of paying back.

Can I ask a woman for money over text?

Yes, you can ask a woman for money over text. But it’s more appropriate to have the conversation in person, except if there’s quite some distance between your locations in which a phone call or text can be used instead. This also depends on the type of woman she is, and the type of relationship you share with her.


This is a quick guide on how to get money from a woman. Although there are no guarantees of success every time you use the guidelines listed in this article, it’s worth a try.

Remember every woman is different, what works for one might not work for the other. So, some discretion is needed. Good luck!

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