How to link SoFi to PayPal? The digital market space is filled with several financial apps and funds transfer platforms. SoFi and PayPal are notable financial apps and online banking service that has dominated and revolutionized the digital market.

SoFi is a rising online bank that has gained an incredible number of users including PayPal users. Transfer of money between the two platforms can however be a bit tricky.


You may have money in your SoFi bank account which needs to be transferred to a PayPal user. This will require you to first link SoFi to your PayPal account.

Unfortunately, not many SoFi account owners are aware that SoFi works with PayPal. Those who are aware of this, may not understand how to link SoFi to PayPal to carry out a bank transfer.

Here in this article, a step-by-step guide that will enable you to link SoFi to PayPal is provided. The instructions must however be followed strictly to successfully link SoFi to PayPal.

Does PayPal work with SoFi?

PayPal has been around long before the emerging financial apps. It has created a giant platform for funds transfer, online banking services, and other online business features.

PayPal allows you to link cards and bank accounts with your PayPal account to ease funds transfer and other financial transactions. Once a bank account is linked to PayPal, deposition, and withdrawal of funds via PayPal are seamless.

Thankfully, SoFi is listed as one of the online banks supported by PayPal. It is an online bank based in San Francisco. It provides its users with services such as savings accounts with impressive interest offers, loans, investment plans, mortgages, and others.

SoFi users are fast growing. If you need to transfer funds from SoFi to PayPal, you will need to first link SoFi to PayPal. This is well explained in the next section.

All SoFi users must learn the steps required to link SoFi to PayPal to transfer funds between the two platforms. If you are yet to sign up for a SoFi, follow the steps below to do so.

  • Visit the official SoFi homepage
  • Select “get started”
  • Fill in your name, email, and password to open a general SoFi account
  • SoFi money account
  • Select “open account”
  • Choose between opening a joint account or an individual account
  • Next, fill in your personal information in the boxes provided
  • SoFi will take about 2 working days to run a security background check to confirm the information provided.

Once you successfully open a SoFi account, proceed to link SoFi to PayPal.

How to link SoFi to PayPal

How to link SoFi to PayPal

You can link SoFi to PayPal in a few easy steps. Follows these steps chronologically.

  • Log into your PayPal account
  • From the top corner of your homepage, select “wallet”
  • Select “add a bank account or credit card”
  • This will cause the linked bank account to appear. A list of banks that can be linked with PayPal is also provided
  • SoFi is not usually seen in this list. Type in SoFi in the search bar and select the name
  • This will cause you to be redirected to the SoFi homepage for confirmation and successful linking of SoFi to PayPal

In some instances, you may not be redirected to the SoFi homepage. When the linking does not occur automatically, you may have to carry out a manual linking.

  • To do this, fill in your bank details including a 9-digit routing number which can be obtained from the SoFi webpage.
  • Select submit
  • You may be required to answer some security questions. The account is linked to PayPal.

Benefits of linking SoFi to PayPal

SoFi bank account owners should strive to link SoFi to PayPal to benefit from some of the perks with this. When SoFi is linked to PayPal, it makes financial transactions such as funds transfer convenient and quick.

Transfer of funds from PayPal to a linked account or vice visa is usually free. There are however two types of funds transfer. The standard fund transfer and the instant fund transfer may not be available for some account types.

Instant funds transfer allows you to transfer funds instantly. The transferred funds will be in the destination balance in a few minutes. On the other hand, the standard fund’s transfer may take 1 to 3 working days to arrive.

The prevalence of internet scams including PayPal scams has made some SoFi users skeptical about linking SoFi to PayPal. While PayPal is generally considered safe, it is not impervious to internet scams.

When an account is linked to PayPal, it may also put the funds in such account at risk of an internet scam artist who has developed various ways of defrauding unsuspecting victims.

It is therefore advised that linked bank accounts be unlinked from PayPal once the intended transfer is carried out. Here is how to unlink SoFi from PayPal

How to unlink SoFi from PayPal

The process of unlinking SoFi from PayPal is similar to the steps required to link SoFi to PayPal.

  • Log in to your PayPal account
  • Select wallet
  • Select add bank account or credit card
  • From the list of linked cards and bank accounts, select SoFi
  • Select unlink

Note: you may not be able to unlink the account if there are any impending debts unless these are cleared.

Why do I have an error linking SoFi to PayPal

In some instances, after following the steps explained, you may receive a message stating your SoFi account cannot be linked to papal at this time. This can be quite frustrating especially when there is an urgent need to transfer funds from SoFi to PayPal to proceed with an online transaction.

There are several reasons for the failed linking of SoFi to PayPal including poor internet service and the provision of wrong information. Figure out the cause of the problem or reach out to SoFi customer service.

Final word

PayPal allows you to link your SoFi bank account to transfer funds between the two platforms. You can link SoFi to PayPal by following the step-by-step guide provided in this article.

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