As they say, money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can make things a lot more enjoyable. And if you’re eyeing that married man who’s got deep pockets and a wandering eye, why not turn the tables and get him to spend some of his hard-earned cash on you? In this post, we’ve rounded up 10 proven strategies that will make a married man spend money on you and open his wallet so wide. So buckle up and get ready to learn how to become irresistible to even the most frugal of husbands!

The reason why married men are the easiest targets is that they don’t have the leverage of being single. Hence, they know that they shouldn’t be having an affair, which is why they use money as a cover-up to convince you to have an affair with them. Despite this, many ladies still don’t know the secret to make a married man spend on them.

After reading this post, you will now have some ideas on how to squeeze out money from your married man. Also, wherever you find yourself, you can comfortably make a married man spend money on you.

Let’s look at some tactics that are designed purely to make a married man spend money on you.

Secrets to Make a Married Man Spend Money on You

The fact is that a married man has more disposable income than a single man and is more likely to be able to afford luxuries and extras. Here are some ideas for how to get him to spend that money on you:

make a married man spend money on you

Know What You Offer Him

The truth is that you will never get married to him, so no need to try to beat around the bush. Also, I wouldn’t advise you to get married to a man who has left his own wife for you. If you do, there are high chances that he will still dump you for another cute girl.

This said it is important to have a clear idea of why he is with you. The best way to figure this out is to ask him. You can ask him this:

Why do you really like me? What am I giving you that you don’t get elsewhere?

With a smile and a calm and collected voice, ask the married man that question. The reason you are asking him that is to use it for future emotional blackmailing actions.

But bear in mind that apart from other reasons such as “peace of mind” and “friendship”, he is most likely with you because of your body. Once you know this about married men, then you can easily make a married man spend on you or else you jump ship.

Set Things Clear Before Dating

One of the reasons your married man isn’t spending on you is that you didn’t set clear objectives before the situationship. You had in mind that he knows what to do. But in reality, he knows and won’t do it if you don’t clear things up.

Let him know the reason you are agreeing to have something to do with him is because you like him so much. Also, squeeze in that you have some financial needs you need to fix.

With this in mind, when the game starts and you make demands, he will come through for you with stress. This is how to make a married man spend on you.

Promise Loyalty

Another way to make a married man spend on you is to promise him loyalty if he always comes through for you. Despite cheating at the highest levels, married men don’t really like sharing. He might not tell you this, but deep down, he craves loyalty from you.

The way to play this game is to promise him loyalty if he always delivers on his promise to spend on you. That way, you entice him with your body and checkmate him with the promise of loyalty.

Spend quality Time Together

Communicate regularly. Talk about your day, your hopes and dreams, and anything else that’s on your mind. A married man has a lot of responsibilities and sometimes misses his youthful side. So coming in to fill that vacuum will help get into his head.

  • Plan special outings or date nights. This will give you quality time together without the distractions of work or family obligations.
  • Take turns doing things each of you enjoys. If one of you loves hiking and the other loves going to art galleries, take turns planning weekend activities.

This way, everyone gets to enjoy their favourite activities and you get to spend time together doing them. You might not know, but you are creating a vacuum that he can’t fill up easily. This is one of the ways to create value and make a married man spend on you. Bear in mind that married men spend on things they value so much.

Be the Best at what He wants

When you are the best at what a married man wants from an external affair, you will easily make him open his wallet for you. How do you know what he wants? I already explained the first steps of knowing what you offer him.

But from my little guess, I can tell you that the married man is with you for the good times. Out of the percentage of married men who have external affairs, only 3% are there for anything non-sexual.

Depending on what he tells you he wants from you, keep in mind that you should be the best in bed. The quest for orgasm and manipulating it is one of the secret ways to make a married man spend on you. And in fact, it is the best way to get money from a married man even without asking.

Ask for Support Directly

One of the oldest tricks I know to make a married man spend on you is to ask for support for a business idea. Asking for money for vain things like shopping, clothes, hair, and all that would see your request declined almost immediately.

Even if you need the money for your new hair or a new phone, you can mask it up as money for starting a new business.

But before you place your monetary request, be sure to know his pocket level, so as not to scare him. This is why it is necessary to profile the married man and his finances before agreeing to date him.

Get a Down Payment Before Fun

If he is a stingy married man and has declined to give you any form of financial support, then this is another way to get a married man to spend on you.

After asking for support, even if he doesn’t give you all the money you ask for, he should make a down payment. That way, you have secured a part of the bag should everything go south.

Once a man gets what he wants, he might completely change, and the dynamics will be shifted forever. So if you let a married man have his way very fast, you will lose your leverage.

The fastest way to make a married man spend on you is to tactically make demands before having any type of fun with him. That way, the odds of him leaving are balanced, because you already achieved your own objectives.

Ask for Upgrades

Another trick to get a married man to spend on you is to ask for upgrades at the right time. Most men are complacent and won’t mention money till you bring up the subject.

Money to men is the same as sex to women. So you should see how these dynamics play out.

So occasionally asking for upgrades is what you need to constantly secure the money bag from your married man. You can make requests like

  • Change of phone
  • Upgrade your wig
  • Adding one shoe to your collection
  • Money for SPA sessions
  • Facial treatment therapy

The idea here is that you have to be creative. You bring out simple formats that can allow you to ask for money without making it look like you are asking for money.

Blackmail him with Silence

If your married man is still not showing signs of continually spending on you, then use silence as your weapon. Here are some ways you can achieve this.

  • Don’t text him again.
  • If he texts you, don’t reply.
  • Focus on yourself.
  • Show yourself to be having fun with other groups.
  • Ignore his messages.
  • And don’t bother getting to see him again.

All these will tell him that something is wrong. But have in mind that he might not reach out also and want to turn the tables around. At this point, there is little you can do. Just walk away and find a better man who will take care of you financially.

But if at the end of the day, he reaches out to you, then follow the next step to threaten him.

Threaten to Dump Him

This is your last resort if you intend to make a married man spend money on you. Once all the tricks and secrets I have listed here don’t work, the next step would be to take the last bold step of threatening to dump the relationship for something better.

The best way to do this would be to list several demands you have made that were turned down. That way, the married man can have a clear sense of your grievances and act right.

But if he still doesn’t act right, then you should go ahead with your plan and dump him.


Dating a married man is a dangerous game, so if not for anything, you should be benefitting from it financially. If your financial demands are not met, then you should walk out of the relationship. You have seen some secrets to make a married man spend money on you. But remember, that situations and humans differ, so analyze your situation properly and know which of these steps to start with first.

But no matter what happens, just make sure that you are benefitting financially from the relationship and not eating the shorter end of the stick. Above all, remain vigilant and guided. Cheers!

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