Instagram is a fantastic place to meet new people and strengthen existing connections, as it boasts more than a billion active users. Yet, it can be tough to start a conversation on Instagram with a guy, especially if you found a rich guy and don’t know where to start. This publication contains a ton of tips to help you establish a relationship with a guy on Instagram.

How to start a conversation on Instagram with a guy

how to start a conversation on Instagram with a guy

It can be intimidating to strike up a conversation with a guy on Instagram, but it’s simpler than you would think. Here are some pointers to get a guy on Instagram to talk to you.

  1. Start following him on Instagram

The first step to take is to follow him on Instagram, even if he is a foreigner, similar to Facebook. You don’t need to have a certain amount of likes or followers before you can follow him on Instagram and message him directly.

It’s normal to be anxious about putting yourself out there and wonder whether he will follow you or reply to your message. But in the end, there’s nothing to lose from taking a chance.

  1. Have a look at his Instagram profile

If you’re going to text a guy you just met on Instagram, you should check out his profile first. You can learn a little bit about him from his Instagram page, perhaps enough to strike up a first conversation with him, simply by perusing his posts and following his account.

You can get a sense of his interests and other topics you might want to DM him about by looking at the photographs and videos he posts on his page.

For example, you could say:

Hello, Your Instagram profile caught my eye, and I must say that all that time spent at the gym shows off your attractive figure. I recently found a gym close to my house; can you recommend any workout routines? I wouldn’t mind doing as you say.

Or “Hello, after reading your profile and perusing your Instagram feed, it is clear that you have a passion for exploring new places. I love your travel photos, especially that Brazil trip. I am considering going on a trip to Brazil this summer. Can you offer any advice?”

With these examples,  the guy will likely not dismiss your initial message to him on Instagram. Modify my Instagram message example as you see fit. Act naturally and restrain yourself from sending him a barrage of SMS.

  1. Have a great Instagram profile

If you want to get a guy’s attention on Instagram Direct Message (DM) or in chats, you need to have a stellar profile, to begin with. That will help you start a conversation on Instagram with a guy.

If you slide into a guy’s direct message (DM) for a private discussion, he’s probably going to check out your profile to learn more about you.

You don’t have to go intimate to get your crush’s attention on Instagram; most guys are interested in presentable accounts.

Sharing sexy images of yourself on Instagram is a surefire way to get him to suspect that the account is phony, and may not want to be scammed. Remember that Instagram is one of the places people get clients for yahoo.

  1. Like and comment on his posts

This is a great way to get him to notice you. You might get excellent results. Let him know that you enjoyed reading a couple of his Instagram posts by liking them following Instagram’s guidelines.  You don’t need to like every single one of his photos to send the message. You are not an Instagram bot.

Also, If you find something interesting on his Instagram profile or tales, be sure to leave a thoughtful remark.

There’s no need to rush things by slipping into his direct message(DM) right away. Like and comment on his post to let him know you thought it interesting. Instagram will send him notifications of your reactions.

This will help him remember getting your Instagram username in the notification area when your chat arrives in his DM. So it won’t be too difficult to initiate a discussion with him.

  1. Don’t start a conversation with “Hi”

Don’t start a conversation with “Hi” when you first enter a guy’s direct message on Instagram. Most likely, you won’t hear back. If he’s your crush, you might not be the only one reaching out to him in his DM; other girls might also be trying to catch his eye on Instagram. Hence, think outside the box when sending your message.

Keep in mind that he is a guy you have never met before, so you don’t want him to ignore your messages. If you are clever enough to engage him in conversation, he won’t be able to ignore you.

For example, you could say:

I adore your new haircut so much!” You might say this If he shares a photo of himself with his new hairstyle.

I wish I had your photographic talent! Your pictures always come out so well.

Stunning tattoos! While I’ve always desired a tattoo, I’m not sure what sort or where to get one. Any recommendations?

Great winter pictures. Snowboarding is something I’ve always wanted to do!

What is your favorite organic spot in the city?

Where do you like to go vegan?” You might say this If he shares a photo of himself with his new hairstyle

With the above chat samples, you may be sure that he won’t ignore you.

  1. Make use of emojis in your chats

Emojis are a great way to convey your feelings without using excessive language to start a conversation on Instagram with a guy.

Emojis can be used on his posts as well as in his direct messages. Try using relevant emojis to pass your message.

The use of numerous emojis in a sequence can come out as a little annoying, so try to avoid doing so.

  1. Share something you think he might find interesting

You can also start a conversation on Instagram with a guy by letting him know you’re paying attention to him, and find posts he’d be interested in seeing. You can get a feel of his hobbies by looking at the posts he shares. When you see a post from someone else that you believe he will enjoy, share it with him in his direct messages.

He’ll see that you’ve been paying close attention if you do it that way, and he might start talking again.

If he likes a band, for instance, you may share a post from them and mention, “Hey, I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but it looks like there’s a new album coming out!”

If he frequently posts about video games, you might ask him, “Hey, have you heard about this new game coming out? The scene appears to be extremely enjoyable.”

  1. Ask him in-depth questions

Make the guy chat by asking him some light-hearted inquiries to get to know him better. It can be difficult to keep the discussion going if you just ask him simple yes/no questions. Instead, enquire about his interests and permit him to go into great detail about a subject that is dear to him.

The guy will think you genuinely want to get to know him, and if he shares your interest, he’ll continue talking. You may want to try asking the following questions:

What do you prefer to do when you’re not working?

Which of your childhood memories is your favorite?

How do you feel about the next Spider-Man movie?

Avoid talking about anything related to politics or religion. Spare your DMs from any argument.

  1. Use a meme to ease the tension

Memes help to start a conversation with a guy on Instagram. Consider using a humorous image to make him laugh to keep the conversation light and help start a conversation with a guy on Instagram. You may get a sense of his sense of humor by looking at his profile and posts. To send him a private message on Instagram, look for a funny image or GIF online that you have saved. It might be a fantastic technique to make him chuckle and start the conversation.


Try typing “meme” into the search field to discover what’s currently trending on Instagram – which contains a ton of meme-related profiles.

  1. Send a selfie

Feel free to take a quick picture and send it to his messages if you’re pleased with the way you look. If you want to tease him, you can configure your photos so he can only see them once. If you want him to be able to browse back and view your photos, save them to the chat otherwise. To get him to open up more, you may even remark on your appearance.

You may add, for instance, “I was thinking about posting this on my profile,” after sharing a picture. How do you feel?

Another example would be, “My favorite outfit is this one! How does it seem to you?

  1. Do something bold

Make sure he understands your intentions completely to avoid miscommunication. Spend some time exchanging messages with the man to determine whether you click. Ask him directly if he’d be interested in meeting you in person if you’re really into him. You may propose a coffee date or arrange to meet up at the mall.

For instance, you might remark, “I’d love to meet up soon, but it’s been so much fun conversing with you here. This Saturday, would you like to visit a cafe?

  1. Before messaging him again, wait for his response

Sending a lot of messages could come out as a little needy. Even if you might be very eager to talk to the guy, if he sees a wall of texts from you, he might feel frightened. Send him one message at a time, and let him read and respond to it when he has the time to do so.

Find something enjoyable to do while you wait so that you aren’t anxiously anticipating his response.

Try to match his texting speed rather than immediately responding to his direct messages. You can wait a few hours to respond if he waited a while to do so. In this manner, it won’t appear that you were waiting for his text.

He might not be interested in the conversation if he doesn’t answer afterward. This should not force you to give up.

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It can be intimidating to start a conversation on Instagram with a guy, but not as difficult. Do your research on the guy, be creative, don’t be afraid to show your interest, and be yourself. By following these tips, you will be able to start a meaningful conversation with a guy on Instagram and build a connection. With the right approach, you can create a positive and enjoyable experience that will help you make a lasting impression.

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