What’s up hustlers, while we try to make money to take care of our family and live the lifestyle we dream of, many girls are waiting to enjoy the fruit of our labour. The objective of this post is to show you some tactical ways to stop a girl from asking you for money.

A lot of hustlers are in situations where a girl continuously milks them of their money using different lies like the ones listed here. Even though it’s normal to want to help people we care about, financial exploitation can be a serious problem that can lead to resentment, mistrust, and financial instability.


In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to stop a girl from asking you for money by giving you some real game tricks. Because I want to make sure that no one takes advantage of you financially.

Major Reasons Why Girls Ask for Money

Funny enough, there are various reasons why girls ask for money. If you only assume it is because she needs it, then you are dead wrong. These are also some other reasons.

She wants to exploit you.

Yes, you read it correctly. A girl can ask you for money just because she feels like exploiting you. She might not have any need for the money, but because she feels that she needs to get money from you, she will ask and demand money from you. If you want to stop a girl from asking you for money, then you have to have this in mind.

She just wants to ask.

Funny enough, when you text a girl to an extent that the conversation becomes boring, she might have nothing else to discuss with you than to ask you for money.

This isn’t because she needs it, but she just wants to ask and see what happens. The result is that after you give her, she disappears on you. This means that you don’t get to hear from her again till you strike up a conversation again.

She wants to end your disturbance.

When you are constantly pestering a girl, some of them might use asking for money as a way to discharge you.

This happens when you continually ask her out, then she brings up a situation to make you send money to her.

She genuinely needs the money.

Not neglecting the last fact, she may genuinely need the money. So, the girl in question might be asking you for money because she needs it. But this is usually hard to determine because she might have gotten it from several sources, and just wants to add yours.

Strategies to Stop a Girl from Asking You Money

If you want to stop a girl from asking you for money, the first thing you need to do is figure out why she is doing it. Some girls may be having trouble with money and really need your help, while others may feel entitled or be trying to take advantage of you.

By noticing the trends and habits of girls who ask for money, you can better know what to say and how to set limits.

Now you have a clue as to why a girl might be asking you for money, we will now consider several ways to stop a girl from asking you for money.

Ask for Intimacy

This is a direct way to end the money talks but bear in mind that it comes with consequences. The girl might feel offended that you are asking for intimacy because of money and end every form of relationship with you.

So be sure to use this method for someone whom you don’t care if she speaks to you ever again.

You can say something like:

“Okay, I can help you with the amount you are requesting, but I need something in return. You will…”

Then go ahead and make your intimate demands, then watch how the money conversation ends. This is how to stop a girl from asking you for money fast!

Make higher Intimate Demands

In some cases, the girl would agree to intimacy for the amount she is requesting for. So, the best thing to do would be to make your demands more steep and difficult.

Maybe the position or the activity involved too. Just make it more difficult for her. I mean, something someone won’t imagine doing for such an amount.

If she still agrees, then you should know that she either needs the money so badly, or she wants to trick you into sending the money and disappearing. Either way, don’t fall for the trap.

Tell her to do a Technical Job

In my case, I give the excuse that the money I have left is meant for a job like “editing YouTube videos.” I give her the option of carrying it out for me and getting paid. If she can’t do it, then unfortunately I can’t help.

In most cases, the girl would chicken out and you’d never hear from her again. This is how to stop a girl from asking you for money.

Ask her for Money Too

If you have a girl who constantly asks you for money all the time, then this strategy works well to stop her from asking again.

In my case, I reach out to her and ask for money even before she asks again. Apparently, she will decline to help on the basis of not having money.

With this, we have accomplished two things:

  • She’s declined your request and won’t mind if you declined hers
  • Then she can believe you are broke and won’t ask again.

Post About Being Broke on social media.

This is a strategy I use often, and you can also employ it to stop a girl from asking you for money.

Continually posting about being broke, not having enough money, excessive bills to pay, and lack of capital would send out broke vibes to potential girls looking to ask you for money. With this type of vibes, she will assume you are broke, while you keep your money to yourself.

The downside of this strategy is that the moment you post some flexing videos or vibes on your platform, she will come back to asking for money.

Leave her messages on Read.

One of the most embarrassing ways to stop a girl from asking you for money is to leave her messages on read. If she sent some of these asking for money text messages, you can just read them and ignore them.

Continually doing this will make her intuitively realize that you don’t appreciate such messages. When she is continually left on read, this will also stop her from sending such messages in future.

Lie about your current condition.

One of the ways I stop a girl from billing me is by lying about my current situation. This happens when she asks me for me, then I proceed to tell her so many pitiable things about myself.

Some of these lies are gotten from this post on excuses for saying no to money requests. Check it out and equip yourself with the latest excuses to give to girls asking you for money.


Advise her to get a Job.

Advising her to get a job to become financially independent and make her less reliant on other people for money is a way to make her stop asking you for money. Tell her that a job can also give her a sense of meaning and accomplishment and give her the chance to learn new skills and meet new people.

When you tell her she should get a job, it’s important to do so in a kind and helpful way. Don’t sound critical or condescending. Instead, talk about the good things about working and the bad things about not having a job. You could also offer to help her find a job or give her tips on how to write a resume or do well in an interview.

Blatantly tell her NO.

When you finally grow the courage to tell her NO once and for all, she won’t ever come back to ask you for money.

Girls love guys who are direct and not scared to voice out their opinion. So if you continue to hide behind excuses, she will continuously capitalize on that to ask for money.

If you want to stop a girl from asking you for money once and for all, learn to say NO to her requests. The fun fact about this is that she wouldn’t hate you, but in fact, would even love you for being bold.

Setting Boundaries for Girls Asking you For Money

The best way to stop a girl from asking you for money is to set clear boundaries and learn to say no. Be polite but strong in your answer, and don’t give in to guilt trips or other attempts to get you to change your mind.

Give her other options, like helping her find a job or putting her in touch with people who can help her with money. Remember that saying “no” is not rude or selfish; it’s important for your money and your relationship.

How to Communicate your Thoughts

Communication is key in any relationship, including when it comes to money. Be honest and open about your money and what you want, and don’t send mixed messages that could lead to mistakes. Instead of just making money, you should focus on building good relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

Protecting Yourself from Financial Exploitation

If you think a girl is taking advantage of your money, you need to do something to protect yourself. Look out for signs of financial abuse, like borrowing money over and over without paying it back, being manipulated, or not caring about your financial well-being. Keep your financial information private and check your accounts often to see if anything seems odd. If you need to, ask a money advisor or counsellor for help.


Stopping a girl from asking you for money has nothing to do with being mean or self-centred. Instead, it has to do with setting suitable limits and protecting yourself from being used financially.

By understanding why girls ask for money, setting clear limits and saying no, managing your relationship with girls, and protecting yourself from financial exploitation, you can put your financial well-being first and build healthy relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Remember that you can say “no” and put your own money security and well-being first.

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