On which ever platform you are and finally see a client you will want to do business with, the major barrier is breaking the ice without seeming aggressive or pushy. Most times, you do not know what to tell the client. This post will show how to text a client for the first time and set the right pace for money to exchange hands.

When texting clients for the first time, introduce yourself, highlight what caught your attention towards them, explain how it brings both of you together, and make your proposition towards the end goal.


But it doesn’t stop there. There are other minor factors that you should also highlight on, which would make the aim of texting the client work out fine.

This post would also come with a sample first time message that can be used just for any client. We can also use it as a guide when trying to text someone for the first time professionally. You can customize it to suit your client’s work, environment, and personality.

How to Text a Client for the First Time Steps

Everything here somehow depends on the platform where you meet your client. Because you will need a pretty basic information about them to execute this. I have seen people who meet clients on dating app, and it turned out pretty fine.

So, here are the basic steps to text a client for the first time. If you are from the yahoo aspect, this is a guide for you.

Research the Client

As I explained earlier, you will need a few basic information about your client to be able to hold their attention. When you are cold texting someone for the first time, they have a little patience towards you, so they are not so open and warm.

Researching the client and having information that you can use to capture their attention is very crucial. This will make them curious how you figured out, or maybe become really warm that you took a special interest in them.

Either way, doing simple research on your client and arming yourself with enough information is key.

Find a Similarity Between Your Client and Yourself

This is what you will use to break the ice finally and also get them interested in talking to you.

Even if there isn’t any similarity between the both of you, then you should make up one. But be sure to have enough understanding of the subject or what you both have in common.

Like if your client is from Lithuania, you can make it seem that you’ve met a wonderful Lithuanian man in the past, and you both had a wonderful relationship. And the reason you both isn’t close anymore was because you lost contact.

The above story might be just a made-up story, but it certainly works, and you should incorporate it when trying to text a client for the first time.

Have an End Goal in Mind

What’s the plan for texting the client? You need to think like 10 steps ahead of the client before you text them for the first time.

The reason you are texting should go with the flow of your end game. If you are texting a client for a romance relationship, then you shouldn’t sound all too professional.

But if you are looking for some business deal formats, then you should make your tone a professional one.

So, determine how you extend to use the client. That should help your tonality and approach.

Write an interesting Introductory Message

An introduction text is the first message you send to someone who want to know more about. If your introductory text game is good, then it makes every other thing easier.

You can use the following steps to proceed.

Introduce yourself

Hi Betty,

My name is Mike Bush, and I am the founder of The Smart Lazy Hustlers.

This is a very precise introduction. Also, it places you in an influential position of authority.

If you don’t have an influential position in reality, you can always manufacture one and use it. Use titles like “Vice-president”, “Chief” “Senior”. These are titles with authorities.

Highlight what caught your attention

“Your profile caught my attention because I see you own a fishing business in Louisiana, and I am so excited about texting you.”

Explain the Similarity Between Both of You

“The reason it excites me is that we work with such businesses, and for over 3 years, we have helped fishing business owners increase their profit margins by over 45% just by partnering with us.

Describe your End Goal

I would love to have further discussions with you, preferably over the phone. Once you read this text, let me know your thoughts to proceed.

As you have noticed, the endgame here was to get on the phone with Betty, and we executed properly it.

There is a lot of chance that Betty will be inquisitive and drop her number to be called.

Tips for Texting Clients the First Time

There are a few guidelines to adhere to when you are about to text a client for the first time to ensure success.

Don’t be overly friendly

There should be no need asking a client “how’s your night” if you are texting in the morning.

It is a huge red-flag and should be avoided as much as possible. Stick to the script and don’t go off point.

Personalize your message

You might want to cold text a lot of clients in a day and think considering sending a mass message will make it easier, but this isn’t a good idea.

Clients understand when they receive a mass-message or broadcast, and they will treat it as SPAM.

Taking your time and customizing a message and getting a client onboard is better than cutting time and getting no client.

Sample First Time Text Messages to Clients

So, depending on the situation, this is what you should send. These samples cover major scenarios.


This is for a client you met in-person at an event and you intend to move things forward.


Hi {Client},

It was such a great pleasure to meet you at {event}. My name is Mike Bush, and I am the Vice President of sales at {company}.

We discussed {topic} and saw that we had a lot in common. I was thinking there are ways we could also work together on things we share similar ideas for. We can also talk on the phone.

Does Monday 1 p.m. work for you? Let me know. Thanks.

Dating Apps

When you meet someone on a dating Apps like these and looking to break the ice.



Hi Jane,

My name is Kevin Brown, and I am a senior software engineer with Andela. I am intrigued by your profile, as I saw you love singing and skating. These are things I also do with so much joy.

I hope we get to know each other at least and see how we can move forward from just being casual. Is there a way I can reach outside this platform?

Social Media Apps

A Perfect example of this would be twitter or LinkedIn. This is how to text a client for the first time if you see any of those applications.


Hi Niko.

My name is Anthony Clark, and I am a senior representative with {company name}. I went through your profile, and I found a lot of amazing things we share in common.

I have some ideas to share with you, and is there a way we can talk about this over the phone? Let me know what works for you. My phone number is {insert number}.

You can equally drop yours and I will hit you up, let’s say 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

In Conclusion

Texting a client for the first time is just 95% research and 5% text presentation. When people get messages from unknown contacts, they are inquisitive and also security conscious.

Breaking that ice is what these templates to text a client for the first time will help you achieve.



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