Do you need internet and think your client should be able to send you money for internet? Then you are correct because there is something called the internet billing format for client. This format is used when you want to use the internet excuse to get money from your client.

Many hustlers and online freelancers don’t know how to use the Internet billing format, meaning that they can’t even cash out fast from their clients. But if you are among the smart hustlers, you will know that the internet billing format for client is there for you to explore and utilize it.

If you are expecting a lot of money by using this format, remember that it can’t work. This format is something that replaces the popular gift card billing format but in a legal way.

This time, you aren’t doing anything fishy; you are only begging for help with the internet, to complete a job.

Ready to get started? Let me show you how.

Requirements for the Internet Billing Format

There are not many requirements for the Internet billing format. But the ones listed here are very crucial.

Obsessed Client

When clients love your work, and how you chat, communicate, and make them feel, they will always be around you. And when you disappear for a while, they miss your presence. That way, they will want to do anything to want you online back.

Maybe they want you online to help them complete a job or keep them happy. This way, you can bill them for the internet if they’re going to see you back online.

The Format

Well, it’s not easy just asking your client to help you with internet connections. You must set the stone rolling and prepare the ground for the billing. If you make any mistake, your request will be denied, and you may lose the client.

This is why having a prepared format is essential to know how to start and end. But don’t worry about the format because this post will guide you on what to do and what not to do.

Steps For Internet Billing Format for Client

So once you have a client that is obsessed with you, then it is time to proceed. To make a client obsessed with you, then you should read the love format for client. This will make you learn how to develop this personal relationship with your client.

Keep your client engaged minimally.

To prepare the ground, you should engage your client minimally. I mean, your conversation should be okay to create a spark, but minimal as to not look jobless. If you continually engage your client every day, the client will assume that you have nothing going on in your life, which will come off as a red flag.

For this, I suggest you take some time to respond to their message. Don’t always rush to reply to them, this is one mistake hustlers make. If you always rush to reply to a client, it will be seen as a red flag.

Do something engaging for them.

In the post, I wrote about how to convince someone to give you money, I wrote about how to use favours to sway people to your side. Once in a while, when you know that a client is becoming obsessed with you, try and do something special for them.

You don’t need to spend so much money on that. It could be as simple as delivering something to them like flowers, coffee, or some gifts you can get on places like Aliexpress or Wish. I prefer because it is safe for credit cards, and the products are so cheap.

Inform your client about relocation.

The next step in the internet billing format would be to inform your client that you will be moving to any other place that is outside of your house to work for a while.

You could choose any place of your choice, depending on your relationship with your client. There are many places, like travelling to Kenya on vacation, Namibia, Rwanda, or even The Democratic Republic of Congo.

These are cool places you could use as an excuse for relocation. But make sure you inform your client about this move because you will use it for your next step in this billing format for yahoo.

Complain about your debit card.

Next is that you would want to complain about your debit card used for buying internet to your client. This should come as a billing yet because the time is coming.

So you should just make it look like a simple complaint of you not being able to use your debit card in this new country to buy the internet.

Once you have made this complaint, then you should follow the next step.

“Hi darling, it is quite unfortunate that my debit card is messing up, and I can’t really buy some gigabytes of data to access the internet. I rely on local WiFi to communicate with you. I am trying to see if I can fix this, and find a way to have stable internet. I can’t even communicate with my colleagues, and it is so frustrating. I am giving you heads up, just to let you know. I love you.”

Go Ghost

The idea in this next step of the internet billing format for client is to go ghost on your client and don’t speak to them again. You can either block them – if you have other clients that you are talking to, so that they can’t see you online.

That way, the client will start to wonder what is happening and why you aren’t online. They won’t find an answer because you are not online.

If you have made them addicted to you, it would be so bad for them, because they will start to miss you so much.

Bill them for internet money.

Once you return online, the next step would be to bill them for internet data. If they love you so much, there would be no reason not to give you and render a bit of help for your internet need.

There should be no excuses. If your client can’t help you with anything as small as internet data, just bear in mind that they can’t help you with anything again.

So all you have to do is just drop the request for them, if they want to help you, drop a PayPal email and cash out the money.

But if they don’t want to help, just block the client and move on immediately. It shows they are broke and have nothing to offer you.

Client Internet Billing Format Sample Message

{Name of client], Sorry I have been out for a while, I complained about my debit card not allowing me to buy internet, so I was off. How are you? I missed you so much.

I was able to find someone who was willing to share their internet with me, but they won’t be here for long. I would want to ask a bit of a favour from you.

Is it possible to help me with a bit of cash, so that I can buy internet and be able to communicate with my bank? I am almost like stranded here and don’t know who else to contact.

The flat fee for internet is $100 for 1 month, and they accept PayPal as a means of payment.

If you can help me, let me provide the PayPal email of the seller so that you can transfer money to them directly. Thank you so much.

Let me know if you need their PayPal address.


You can see how simple the Internet billing format is, as you can use it and get quick cash from your client simply and efficiently. If you need a PayPal account, you can quickly learn how to create one here.

But if you don’t have the time, I can help you to create a PayPal account fast and easily. If you need one PayPal account, reach me using the contact us page.


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