Jumia Kol Program is simply the new platform for the Jumia Affiliate Program. In case you are wondering what the full meaning of KOL is, it’s an abbreviation of Key Opinion Leaders.

The Kol Jumia program has introduced a new concept of partnerships so that more partners can easily join and make more money from home in Nigeria by referring customers online to Jumia i.e you can become jumia influencer, affiliate or creator and have the possibility to make money while sitting in the comfort of your home!

How Does Kol Work in Jumia?

If you register on Jumia Kol website and your account gets approved by Jumia, you can sign in to jumia kol website, generate links and banners which you can use to start promoting jumia products on social media, on your blog etc.

If anyone clicks on the the banner/link and places a successful purchase on Jumia’s website, you will earn commission from Jumia, which you can withdraw to your bank account in Nigeria.

Kindly note that Jumia KOL program is solely based on sales generated from your advertising links and not clicks (i.e not a Pay Per Click Program) that were driven to Jumia website.

For every sale made using your tracking link, Jumia pays a certain percentage as commission depending on the category and the advertised country.

jumia kol program make money in nigeria from affiliate marketing

Jumia Kol Login

If you’ve register with Jumia Kol and your account has been approved, you can sign in to Jumia Kol Program via : https://kol.jumia.com/login

Jumia Kol Sign Up – Join Jumia Kol Program

If you want to join Jumia kol program, you can register via : https://kol.jumia.com/register

If you are an affiliate, Influencer, blogger, content creator, YouTuber, running Apps or websites such as (cashback websites, Price comparison, Deal & Coupon, content, etc.) or running Instagram or Facebook page, you can register.

If during jumia kol program registration, you don’t know which jumia kol account type suits you better, select any account type you deem fit and Jumia team will assess your profile based on your engagement level, your follower’s metrics, your reach and will assign the right program for you!

There is no fee to be payed to become a member of Jumia KOL program. It’s completely free registration.

Jumia Kol Commission Rate ?

You can earn up to 9% commission per sale from Jumia kol Program.

Kindly note that Jumia calculates the commission based on the net item price. “Paid Price”

For Example,

If the item price on Jumia’s website is #1000, Item tax is #100 and the user used a voucher of #50.

Net item price= Item price – Tax – Voucher value.

Net item price= 1000 – 100 – 50 = #850.

Jumia deducts the tax of this item and the voucher value.

The commission is approved in 15/30 days weeks after the order delivery to the customer. (After the Return policy period has elapsed).

According to Jumia, you will earn commission if someone clicks on your tracking link, and then places an order within 7 days because the Jumia Kol program cookie lifetime is 7 days.

How Much Will I Earn From Jumia Kol Affiliate Program?

The earned amount is variable depending on the category of the item sold. In case you want to know the commission scheme per category and country, just sign in to jumia kol website, click on the support tab, commission model and you will have everything included.

I hope this info helps.

What’s your take about the Jumia kol affiliate program?

If you’ve started making money from kol.jumia.com, feel free to share your experience too.

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