My mother married Charles for love - Camilla

Camilla’s son has hit back at Prince Harry for suggesting his mother, Camilla, “played the long game” to get her hands on the crown.


Tom Parker Bowles blasted Prince Harry for the comments aimed at his mother in his memoir, Spare.


In the book, Harry addressed the infidelity his mother had to endure while his father King Charles carried on a relationship with his then-mistress Camilla.


Harry called Camilla “dangerous” and a “villain” who left “bodies in the street” in her desire to change the public’s perception of her.


Harry added that he and his brother Prince William begged his father not to marry her after their mother Princess Diana died.


My mother married Charles for love - Camilla


Reacting to Prince Harry’s claim, Camilla’s son  Bowles told The News Agents podcast: “I don’t care what anyone says — this wasn’t any sort of end game. She married the person she loved and this is what happened.”


My mother married Charles for love - Camilla


Harry claimed in Spare, which was published in January, that his father’s wife leaked stories about the Royal Family to the media to bolster her image.


He added she had “sacrificed him” to the media in order to improve her reputation and accused other palace sources of briefing the press about his wife Meghan.


In Spare, Harry wrote of Camilla: “I have complex feelings about gaining a step-parent who I thought had recently sacrificed me on her personal PR altar.”


The coronation will be the first time Prince Harry will see his stepmother he released his book.


Watch Tom Parker Bowles defend his mother in the video below.


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