As Nigeria prepares for the 2023 presidential elections, the question on the minds of many citizens is whether their vote truly counts or not.

Just a day before the elections, Hon. Chinyere Igwe, a member of the House of Representatives from Rivers state, was arrested with over five hundred thousand US dollars, which he claimed was given to him by Atiku Abubakar to ensure his electoral success in Rivers state.

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According to reports, the police also recovered a sharing formula from him, which detailed how the money was to be distributed among security personnel and officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The question is, does our vote count? YES, IT DOES. If you think it doesn’t, ask yourself why politicians are spending so much to buy it. The fact that politicians are willing to spend huge sums of money to buy votes indicates that they do not have faith in the power of the ballot box. It indicates that our votes matter.

Our votes do count, and it is up to us to exercise our right to vote and make our voices heard tomorrow. We must not allow ourselves to be swayed by the allure of money and other material incentives. Our votes are not for sale, and we must not let anyone buy them.

As we go to the polls to elect a new president tomorrow, we must remember that our vote is our power. We must not allow anyone to take that power away from us.

We must vote wisely for a leader we can hold accountable. Only then can we truly build a democratic society that is based on the will of the people.

Does Our Vote Truly Count or Not?

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