The Igbo people of Nigeria are renowned for their entrepreneurial spirit and success in business.
They have been able to establish themselves in various industries both locally and internationally. This has led to a perception that they are more successful in business than other Nigerian tribes such as the Yoruba, Hausa and others.

In this article, we will explore some of these factors and try to understand why the Igbo people have been able to excel in business more than other tribes in Nigeria.

An Igbo businessman can be anything, but I think they understand the customer relations aspect of business more than other tribes, which could be why they are more successful in business, in my opinion.

I stopped patronizing a certain vendor because she overcharged me for her product and insisted that I pay for transfer fees, which I did. Despite walking past her daily, to patronize another vendor, she hasn’t noticed or asked why I no longer buy from her.

An Igbo businessman will never be that careless. He must approach and ask why you no longer patronize him, if he did something wrong. From that moment, you will start buying from him again and will continue to patronize him indefinitely.

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