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It’s another NL Question of the day let’s have fun!

Last week, we asked this question – Will You Stop Listening To WIZKID For A Year For $1m?

Today, it’s about no one other than our very own Baba Imade, OBO and leader of the 30BG worldwide

Let’s go

Can You Give Up Davído For Money?
Davido, one of the most popular Nigerian musicians, has a huge fan base across the world and his fans mean a lot to his career..

Now, let’s imagine that someone offered you a deal – Stop listening to Davido’s music for one year, and they will give you one million dollars. Would you take the deal?

It’s a difficult question, especially for fans of the artist. Davido’s music is loved by millions of people, and it’s not easy to give up something you love, especially for a year. However, 50 Million Naira is a lot of money, and it could be life-changing for many people.

For some, the decision would be easy. They might not be huge fans of Davido’s music, or they might need the money more than they need to listen to his songs. For others, the decision would be much harder.

So, what would you do

Would You Take 50 Million Naira And Give Up Davído’s Music For A Year?

Or You Would Keep Listening To His Music & Ignore The Money?

Let us know your decision in the comment section.

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