Your snap score is low if you don’t send lots of pictures and videos on Snapchat. However, this publication reveals the trick for Snapchat score increase without sending snaps.

Snaps are usually a picture or a  video sent on the App to one or more friends. A video snap on Snapchat can be a maximum of 10 seconds long and these Snaps get deleted once viewed by recipients, except when uploaded to your Story. When on your Story, snaps disappear after 24 hours.


snapchat score increase without sending snaps

Snapchat Score increase without sending snaps

The best approach to increasing your Snapchat score is to use Snapchat frequently if you enjoy it. That said, the different methods to increase Snapchat score without sending snaps are listed below:

1. Posting Snapchat Stories

Users have discovered that your Snap score will increase if you share several stories on your profile.

You receive one point for each snap you post in your story. Tap the “Send” arrow on a finished snap, then tap the My Story circle in the upper-left corner of the recipient’s screen to add it to your story. Note that Stories are automatically deleted after 24 hours (see LifeWire).

2. Snapchat Streaks

If you frequently use Snapchat, you undoubtedly have a friend that you can constantly snap with various filters and effects.

Users have discovered that your Snapchat score will increase if you share several stories on your profile. So, start sharing your Snapchat stories.

3. Add New Friends

Although adding friends on Snapchat may seem like a foolish strategy to increase your Snapchat Score, keep in mind that this is a social networking platform. However, adding friends can help you quickly increase your Snapchat Score.

Unbelievable as it may seem, Reddit has a website devoted to connecting Snapchat users. By doing this, you can not only increase your Snapchat Score but also meet new and intriguing people.

You can start adding well-known Snapchat profiles to your account by searching for them online. You can increase your score and make more friends by doing this.

4. Open unread snaps

Each snaps that you open awards you one point. Tap the red (picture) or purple (video) box next to the sender’s name to open the snap. The act of replaying a snap will not get you extra points.

5. Try not to send direct messages

Your Snapchat score does not increase as a result of sending or reading a direct message on the app.

By tapping a chat message from a friend and then tapping the spherical “Capture” icon above the keyboard to send a photo in response, you can avoid sending chat messages.

6. Start using Snapchat again

Once you’ve been using Snapchat for a while and log back in to send a snap to your friends, you’ll be awarded more points. You can try it for yourself, but trust me when I say it’s true. You can increase your Snapchat score and use this to your advantage on Snapchat.

7. Watch Discover videos

Who wouldn’t want their snaps to have more videos? Make sure to frequently use your Discover option to access a ton of videos on your feed.

Your snap score will increase as more videos are uploaded and you spend more time on the app exploring other people’s content.

8. Share your own stories and those of others

You are seriously missing out if you aren’t using the stories feature. One of the best ways to update your friends on your daily life is through stories.

When you snap to stories, you get a lot of engagement from your friend list who like watching your stories, which raises your profile in the app. An additional aid is watching other people’s stories.

9. Open snaps often

Receiving snaps also helps you increase your Snapchat scores, in a similar way to how sending snaps increases your score. To regularly inspect and open snaps, follow the instructions listed below.

  • On your smartphone, open the Snapchat app
  • And then, select the chat option at the bottom of the screen. A blue dot will appear next to the chat option if there are any unread messages.
  • The contacts you’ve already spoken to will appear on the Snapchat chat interface. If you’ve received a snap, the words New Snap will appear under the sender’s name in red.
  • As soon as you tap on the sender’s name and open the snap, your Snapchat score will increase.

Does Snapchat Score Increase in Group Chats?

Group chats can increase your Snapchat score. Sending and receiving snaps will earn you points if you are playing in a group.

Everyone can quickly increase their score point if they take part in this snap sharing. You should be aware that sending only messages will not increase your Snapchat score.

Everyone’s Snapchat score increases by one point as more group members’ sends snaps.

Your scoring point will increase by a length if your group contains 10 or more members. So, instruct everyone to continue sending their snaps.

Does Increasing Snapchat score have any advantages?

No, increasing your Snapchat score is useless, and neither a high number nor a low score matters.

You use the app when you want to use it or you simply enjoy using it without considering how to increase your snap score.

But it’s a fantastic technique to demonstrate your constant activity on the app so that your friends can see it.

They will be aware that you don’t actively use the app if your score is low. And you only carry it out when necessary.

Consequently, it is not beneficial to increase your Snapchat score.

You are free to do that if you wish to; after all, some users take their snap score seriously.

Snapchat Score: Tips and Tricks

  • It could be time to upgrade your Snapchat app if you discover that your Snap Score is not increasing. If you care about your score, make sure to keep your app updated.
  • Any services that promise to increase Snap Scores should be avoided. These apps are against Snapchat’s terms of service, rarely function, and if they do, you run the risk of having your account banned.
  • Last but not least, don’t anticipate Snapchat Trophies to become available until you reach a specific Snap Score. Snapchat Trophies can be obtained by carrying out specific actions, such as recording a Snap video silently or using a particular filter.


Welcome to FAQs where I answer some common questions.

How can you increase your Snapchat score the most effectively?

Sending snaps to your friends and opening the snaps they send you are the greatest way to increase your Snapchat score. Every snap that is sent or received is worth one point. For some extra points, you can choose to submit numerous snaps to influencer and celebrity accounts.


Is sending yourself Snapchat a way to increase your Snapchat score?

You can choose this option as well if you don’t want to disturb your friends by sending pointless snaps to increase your score. Your score will quickly rise if you send yourself snaps daily, however, opening your snaps will not affect your score.

Why isn’t your Snapchat score increasing?

Snapchat scores are not continuously updated. The average turnaround time for Snapchat to update your results is one week. Your scores should start to increase after that.

What is the maximum Snapchat score possible?

There is no specific cap on the Snapchat score. Many people have millions of Snapchat followers. If you use Snapchat frequently and enjoy interacting with others, it’s fairly usual for your score to increase to millions.

How do you keep your friends’ Snapchat scores a secret?

Only barring someone on Snapchat or deleting them from your friend list will allow you to hide your Snapchat scores from your friends. This is so that you can only see someone’s snap score if you both have added each other as friends.

Does deleting the cache affect your Snapchat score?

No, deleting the Snapchat cache won’t remove any of your data or information from your account. Therefore, you can always choose to delete your Snapchat cache whenever you want, and it won’t have any impact whatsoever on your Snapchat score.

Can you lose Snapchat points?

No. Snapchat’s score is unchangeable. Your Snapchat score will never decrease once it starts increasing and is displayed next to your profile picture.

Why are you unable to view your friend’s Snapchat score?

The Snapchat score of your friend can be viewed by going to their profile on the app. But if you cannot see it, it either means they have blocked you on Snapchat or have taken you off of their list of friends.


Snapchat is a social media app that promotes increased user interaction. As a result, I think you now understand how Snapchat score increase without sending snaps. So you can now manage your Snapchat account with ease and attempt to increase your score.

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