Tires are essential safety feature on motor vehicles. Tires are the only part of a vehicle that are in contact directly with the road, and as such, they are involved in many functions, such as steering, braking and accelerating. The failure of a tire resulting from a blowouts and tread separations can swiftly lead to chaotic accidents.

Introducing a new European quality Tires with excellent features that every motorist cannot resist. PETLAS Tires…

PETLAS is a global brand that has stood strong for the past 45 years. The brand aimed at providing optimum safety with her products. The Turkish tire manufacturer PETLAS, has been known for their continuous development all through the years.

PETLAS tires are designed with super tread patterns that prevent tread separation and enabled to last for a very long time, it guarantees super stability that ensures complete balance; perfect traction and low noise level.

PETLAS is the largest tire manufacturer in Turkey which focuses on safety, well-being and protection of the environment for sustainable development.

Driving with PETLAS tire gives you full confidence on the road. The brand doesn’t compromise performance, rather provide you with an excellent driving experience all the way. PETLAS tires carry exclusive features with great compatibility that enables smooth driving experience on the road.

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A Quality European Product by all standards, PETLAS Tires are solely marketed and distributed in West Africa by UMZ Logistics and Services Company Ltd, No. 44 Libreville Street, Opp. Metro Café, Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria.

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