Social media users have reacted to TikTok videos of a Filipino woman, Divine, and American man, Scott, who started a long-distance romance after they met on Facebook.


Trolls on social media claim that they can’t be in love because the wife is much more attractive than her husband.  

Scott, from Houston, Texas and his wife Divine, have been together for more than five years.



Their relationship began from a ‘mistake’ message on Facebook in 2017, when Divine thought he was someone else.

This sparked a long-distance relationship which then turned into a marriage, after Scott visited the Philippines for the first time in 2017 and later proposed to her.

They continued their long distance relationship for four years until Divine moved to the US and the couple wed.

The pair usually post videos on their social media, controlled by Divine.

In one video, Divine, wearing black sunglasses, looks to her husband and says: ‘Babe they say you’re not cute’. Scott then responds by saying: ‘I guess it doesn’t really matter, she thinks I’m cute, so’

She then gives pulls him in to her face with her hand and gives him a kiss on the cheek before saying ‘Handsome and handsome and handsome of all the people in the world I know.’

Scott suffers from a chronic autoimmune disease called Scleroderma that started when he was 13 and ‘morphed’ his appearance’.

Divine has said previously that it’s ‘hurtful’ to think others believe she’s only with Scott for financial reasons and she claims it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Divine has repeatedly denied these claims, but that still didn’t stop trolls from attacking their relationship.

One commented: ‘That wallet and green card must be cute.’

Another wrote: ‘He is not cute,’ while one said: ‘Do it for the money.’

A third user chimed in and said: ‘Where’s her wedding ring at?’

Another user wrote: ‘All that for a green card.’


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