Below is the list of the best affiliate programs you join that will allow you to earn good commission without too much effort and time.

1. Amazon
2. AliExpress
3. Builderall
4. Hosting services
5. Envato Market
6. Info-Products
7. ClickBank
8. Travel Sites

1. Amazon

This is by far the most famous.
Signing up is easy and free, for sure the earnings are not very high, in fact they reach a maximum of about 10%. But selling the products on this portal is extremely easy as Amazon is an authoritative brand that people trust. This marketplace really sells everything, so it's great for any niche.

An unpleasant aspect of Amazon is the absence of cookie tracking. The user is forced to buy something (not necessarily the product promoted by you) within the active session, if he decides to conclude the purchase the following day, the commission will not be credited. Once registered you will have access to the control panel for affiliates where you can see all the commissions generated and the respective details.

You will need to create a referral link for each product you decide to sell. These links will refer to our account and consequently every time a person purchases a product through one of these links you will be credited with a commission. Amazon gives us the opportunity to choose whether to create a banner or just a text link. 

I recommend using only text, the banners do not have a high CTR and extensions like AdBlock often obscure their display. An even simpler and more effective method of obtaining a referential link is to go directly to the product page of our interest and in the bar at the top, under the heading get link, click on 'Text' and copy the short link.

Once the link is obtained, we can publish it on our blog, on social networks or insert it in an advertising campaign. Once a user clicks on our link, he/she will not be forced to purchase the product we have chosen, but he will just have to make one or more purchases during the current session, they will all be credited to us.

Unlike other affiliate programs, Amazon does not track cookies, therefore once the user ends the session the commissions will no longer be credited to us. unless he has entered the products in the cart, in this case there is a cookie that will track the user for 90 days.

In other networks it often happens that from the moment a user clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is tracked that lasts for a limited number of days, which means that if the user decides to complete the purchase maybe after a week, the commissions will still be credited to you. To create a referential link just go to the item ‘product link creation' and click on ‘product link". In the search field, type the product you want to promote and then click on "get link".

2. AliExpress

For those unfamiliar with it, AliExpress is a new market that is enjoying huge success. This eCommerce pays higher commission than amazon. To become a member of the Aliexpress affiliate program, you must register on the official website or on the official partner site of AliExpress -E-commerce. Only people who have reached the age of 16 can take advantage of this opportunity.

For correct registration, a special form is completed, available on the website. When filling in the fields, you only need to enter the relevant information. It is particularly important to provide a real email address and contact details, as they will be required in the registration process for confirmation and further work with the service.

If a customer does not confirm the data entered by him, he will not be able to withdraw funds from his personal account. Users can edit contact information if necessary. It is important to update your information in a timely manner in order to receive payments.

If you have a page on Facebook or Google, you can click on the appropriate button and register through these social media.

3. Builderall

Builderall is a constantly evolving new platform that provides all the tools necessary for every marketer to sell online. Some examples are: creation of Landing Page. Funnel. Email Marketing. Graphics. Facebook Bot and much more.

The affiliate program made available by this platform is by far one of the best and most profitable. In fact, it provides for 100% commissions on the first purchase + 30% for each renewal. Basically you can generate a passive income every month.

In order to access this affiliate program you will need to purchase one of the two plans made available. You can try Builderall for free for 7 days.

4. Hosting services

If you work on the web, promoting web hosting services could be interesting. Almost all web hosting services offer an affiliate program. the percentages are usually around 40%. Others instead pay a fixed fee for each registration that usually starts from €40/50.

Not bad I would say.

The best are definitely SiteGround, Hostgator and GoDaddy. To be able to work with them, register on their sites and contact them. They will be happy to collaborate.

5. Envato Market

Envato Market is the largest and most popular marketplace for digital products such as website templates, videos, photos, plugins and also video tutorials. Joining this portal is extremely easy and fast. You will receive 30% on every product sold.

NB. If a user is already an Envato customer, the commission will not be awarded. Envato Market is the world's largest creative market place, selling millions of digital assets every year. The application process is quick & easy, once approved, create your tracking link & start earning!

They provide you with their best performing banners and earn 30% of the first purchase...

6. Info-Products

The e-learning market is booming, more and more people decide to train online through video courses or ebooks, so why not try to sell this type of product? One of the most famous portals in the world for sharing video courses is certainly Udemy. Udemy relies on the Rakuten affiliate network.

Rakuten is a company with an affiliate program; the company boasts of having the highest Pay For Performance in the entire affiliate marketing sector. Rakuten has been named "Marketing Affiliate Network No. 1" for 6 years in a row. 

7. ClickBank

ClickBank is a valid Affiliate Network, registration is simple. They offers products for any niche and the commissions are by far the highest, in fact they reach up to 75%. With ClickBank you can choose the products and offers that appear on your site.

This means that you can select the offers that pay the highest commissions and the offers that are most likely to be attractive to your audience. ClickBank has an online marketplace that contains tens of thousands of products you can choose to promote, and so you can be sure to find something that visitors to your site will find interesting.

Many of the information products available through ClickBank are sold as recurring subscriptions. These are some of the greatest opportunities for affiliates, because you can continue to earn money month after month and year after year for a long time after the initial sale. You continue to get paid as long as the customer continues the subscription.

Thanks to ClickBank's HOPLINK ™ monitoring system, it tracks when a customer makes a purchase and even if he doesn't buy right away. You will be paid a commission if the purchase is made within 60 days of the initial click on your site. Affiliates can choose to receive checks each week with direct deposits.

8. Travel Sites

If you work in the travel consider yourself lucky. In this sector, profitable affiliate programs are certainly not lacking. Among all the travel portals to which you can join. I definitely recommend that of Airbnb and Booking.

Obviously it is also the most difficult way to monetize, because you must already have a large community following you and a lot of traffic on your Travel Blog. In fact, in order to earn money on this market, you need articles with useful information for people.

Finally, you can start by subscribing to the above mentioned programs and from experience you will be approved at 99.99% as it is also convenient for them to collaborate with you. Also creat your own personal blog, a "personal page" or "group" in all the social networks. Decide what kind of products to sell, you cannot sell everything, you can focus on 2 or 3 maximum.

Make your blogs, your pages or your groups known to as many people as possible, allow them to subscribe, put likes and positive reviews. Always update your blogs, pages and groups day by day and continue with advertising...

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