There’s a good chance you’ll get rewarded if you know where to beg for money online (especially if you’re adept at making your case).

That being said, we have compiled 20 websites to ask rich people for money online and get it.


At least one of the websites on this list should be able to assist you, whether you’re attempting to establish a business but don’t have the money to do so or you’re drowning in debt and a terrible financial situation.

where to beg for money online

20 websites where to beg for money online

Consider my recommendations below:

Begging Money

For those who frequently ask, “where to beg for money online?” Begging Money is for you. Anyone who needs assistance with a financial problem can get it via this site. You will undoubtedly find affluent donors here who will support your cause if you are competent at making your case.

Begging Money doesn’t deduct any fees from the donations that come into your account, much like CyberBeg. All of your money will be transferred directly through PayPal, and to protect yourself from fraudsters, you must have a link.

It’s simple to send a request in Begging Money. Simply write a 400-word appeal outlining why you need money, then choose the category for your request. Choose the “Dental” category if, for instance, you’re setting money aside to cover a dental payment.

Each request must be accompanied by one related original photo (your dental bill, for example).


GoFundMe touts itself as the biggest social fundraising platform in the world, and for good reason—GoFundMe’s giving community is more than 50 million strong and has raised more than $9 billion.

GoFundMe is a platform for companies, entrepreneurs, and people, however, it mostly focuses on charitable causes. The website is frequently used while raising money for medical costs.

Remember that GoFundMe takes 3% of the money you raise as a service fee if you want to fundraise on the website.

You’ll learn when you sign up on GoFundMe that you can raise money for a wide range of causes, such as medical, emergency, memorial, education, nonprofit, newlywed, faith, family, and others.


FundMyTravel is the ideal website if you are looking for where to beg for money online. Anyone wanting to raise money for domestic or international travel, as well as other travel-related projects, can use this fundraising site.

You can make a personal campaign page and share it with the FundMyTravel community, as well as with your loved ones. Be aware that the platform adds administrative fees of 5% to each money made to your account.

Without you needing to wait for your goal to be reached, donations will be delivered to your account immediately. Also, more than just leisure travel can be funded via FundMyTravel.

Whether you need to fly somewhere to attend to a family emergency or are going abroad for a job, school, or volunteerism, FundMyTravel can encourage people to donate and even gather support offline.


One of the best online platforms to beg money is Kickstarter. The millions of backers on Kickstarter will do their best to help you launch a creative project by providing the money you require.

Unlike sites like GoFundMe, Kickstart requires that your projects reach their fundraising targets within a certain time frame in order for you to be able to withdraw your funds.

If your campaign is a success, you must provide your backers awards, which may differ based on your project.

For instance, if you want to launch a board game, you’ll need to give different rewards to customers based on how much they pledged (e.g., trading cards for $10 pledges, a special edition board game for $500 pledges).

Kickstarter is undoubtedly a route worth taking if your dream is especially artistic.


Note: Indiegogo is the place to go if you have something intriguing to share with the public.

Another well-known website to ask for money online is Indiegogo, which is a few years older than Kickstarter and has different project requirements.

For starters, you are free to create charity projects, and you are free to broadcast your campaign as long as it is lawful.

Their market is teeming with original and inventive tech, design, and other concepts. Since the products are not yet widely available, they can encourage individuals to make purchases.

With InDemand, which has no fundraising target or deadline restrictions, you can prolong your campaign if your project has only received partial funding.

Customers who made purchases through Indiegogo will receive a refund if they are unable to meet your shipment deadlines.


Similar to Indiegogo, Fundly allows you to build whatever kind of campaign you choose. The website, which has assisted users in raising more than $330 million, has no “raise prerequisites,” and there are no start-up costs either.

Before you launch your campaign, they ask you to select whether you are an individual or a nonprofit when you first land on their homepage. You can sign in using your Facebook account if you are an individual.

You can filter categories to reveal everything from the most popular projects to memorials and excursions if you want to see how other people are using the site and what kinds of campaigns are effective.

The beautiful thing about Fundly is that it focuses more on developing simple ways to connect with people who donate to your project. Payments are handled within 24-48 hours of the donation and partial funding is permitted.


If you’re wondering, “Where to beg for money online?” Reddit is then worth a try.


Wealthy folks can be seen donating money on subreddits like #RandomKindness.

People that are looking to help others in a variety of ways, such as giving away money, video game login credentials, or wishing your mother a happy birthday, can be found on this subreddit. You must have at least 300 comment karma to post in this subreddit.

There are additional subreddits that are focused on giving in addition to those that deal with money. People buy gifts for one another through “Random Acts of Amazon.””

Tell everyone why you need pizza, and you just might receive it, according to the phrase “Random Acts of Pizza,” which is precisely what it is.


Cyberbeg is an excellent website if you are looking for a website to ask rich people for money. The website calls itself “The Cyber Beggars site for Cyber begging,” and with good reason—it links those in need of financial assistance with those seeking donations.

When someone donates to your cause, Cyberbeg doesn’t deduct anything from your overall revenue, which is fantastic.

The only expenses you will have are the service fees charged by Paypal since all donations will be credited to your Paypal account.

In Cyberbeg, you’ll discover a wide range of requests, from individuals wishing to pay their bills to those seeking education and medical assistance.


Fundable is among the greatest websites to try out if you’re starting a business and need money to get going. Fundable, used by hundreds of businesses, is ideal if you have a solid business concept and are committed to seeing it through.

One of the top websites to ask rich people for money, Fundable has helped its members raise $571 million thus far.

You have the option of providing prizes or stock. If you choose rewards, you can raise money by taking preorders or by selling your goods. If you choose equity, you can provide businesses stock in exchange for financial obligations.

Fundable also functions as a marketing tool by letting your network know about your fundraising efforts.

Their in-depth profile enables you to promote your company while spreading the word about it to the media, your loved ones, clients, and coworkers.


A Kickstarter substitute called Ko-fi is for those who are always wondering, ” where to ask for money online?””

Anyone can contribute to your ongoing artistic and creative endeavor with this online service.

Ko-fi is a platform for creatives, such as bloggers, podcasters, illustrators, and others, who need money to create the projects of their dreams. Other platforms are for charitable or commercial use.

Similar to other crowdfunding websites, Ko-fi needs to be linked to your PayPal account in order for people to make small donations with only one click.

Being able to donate without feeling forced to give a lot of money is the premise behind Ko-Fi. According to the website, it’s a “pleasant and free way for fans to support your work for the price of a coffee.”

There are two versions of Ko-fi: Ko-fi Gold and the free version. The latter offers monthly subscriptions for $6 a month and lets you receive commissions from the site.


The goal of the online charity platform JustGiving is to ensure that “no great cause goes unpaid.” On this site, you can find rich people donating money.

Since its founding in 2000, the website has raised over $4.5 billion in support of causes in 164 different countries.

This platform can let you connect with kind people who can support your fundraising efforts for a good cause.

Your cause is marketed to over 22 million individuals in a variety of ways through JustGiving. The platform has been steadily enhancing its donation flows and capabilities as a tech-first business so you may successfully raise money for your cause.

You can also alter any fundraising page to match the colors of your brand, and you can further enhance it with donation buttons, widgets, and APIs.

Depending on the amount of money received, the platform keeps 2 to 5% of your donations and Gift Aid contributions, and you’ll need to pay a membership fee.


Begslist can be useful if you want to ask for money online. Anyone in need of more funding, while they are mired in financial difficulties, might use our internet giving platform.

Begslist offers the option to become anonymous if you need emergency money but don’t want to panhandle in front of people to avoid embarrassment.

The majority of requests on the page are from those who are struggling to make ends meet, have recently lost their jobs, are drowning in debt, require assistance with medical expenses, and are now jobless.

All that is required is to simply create a profile on and choose the category for your request.

You can submit a request for assistance with business, the arts, healthcare, a financial emergency, education, disaster relief, and other topics.

Begslist doesn’t charge anything to start a campaign, but it will take 5% of your money as costs for its services.


Anyone can use this website to ask for money online and also spread awareness, which bills itself as an “easy-to-use narrative platform.”

Since then, the platform has aided more than 25,000 organizations and people in finding solutions to their issues, sharing their passions, and energizing communities.

If you are thinking, “Where to ask for money online?” One of Rally’s 5 million users will undoubtedly be fervent about your cause.

You can construct a successful and appealing fundraising page with Rally that can accept both credit card and eCheck contributions. All sites have integrated social sharing features that allow you to spread the word about your fundraiser to your contacts in person and online.

Numerous organizations have used the site to date to coordinate disaster aid, finance films, launch businesses, pay for college tuition, and other purposes.

Your donations are subject to a transaction cost of 5%, which includes a 2.9% and 30 cent credit card/bank processing fee.

Fund me

The business bills itself as the most well-known site for crowdfunding. The company has raised approximately $3 billion since its founding in 2010.

People that work for the company build campaigns that target particular objectives they want to achieve. You specify the amount they want to raise and develop interactive campaigns that track the campaign’s success.

Using your social media platforms and the assistance of friends who also post the content on their platforms, you must disseminate the information widely.

GoFundMe is used to collect the funds, which are subsequently released to the beneficiary. If the campaigners’ target is met, they can decide whether to accept donations going forward or call off the campaign altogether.


An excellent tool for internet panhandling is FundRazr. Starting a campaign, getting funding, and cashing out are all quick and simple processes.

You can sign up for free and express your story most creatively and compellingly as possible thanks to the way it operates. To communicate your tale and entice as many donors as you can, you can use words, pictures, and videos.

To make sure your campaign is as effective as it can be, the business should provide advice and direction along the process.

Once your campaign is underway, you can promote it via all of your social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, websites, blogs, and email.

Successful online campaigns will be paid via a variety of channels, including PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards.

Giving forward/you caring

The business operates a crowdfunding platform for charity, medical, and personal causes.

The business is one of the few crowdfunding platforms that does not deduct payment from funds users raise through the platform.

Additionally, the website pays profitable campaigns using a variety of methods, including PayPal and credit cards.

The business recently partnered with go fund me to establish itself as one of the largest online crowdfunding platforms.

The business has more than 7.5 million supporters and has raised more than $500 million.

Plum Fund

The business does not have any pay reductions due to individual donor gifts.

The company is free, there are no setup costs, and donations are made in cash or checks or through other online payment systems and are sent directly to the campaign organizer.

However, the site is only accessible to residents of the US and Canada. Those who want to use the platform outside of these countries must get in touch with the website. To draw in more contributions, you should make sure your campaign is as captivating as possible.

Plum fund is one of the most adaptable websites. It enables fundraising for almost every occasion you can think of, including weddings, retirement, baby showers, anniversaries, graduations, trips, funerals, sporting events, and medical emergencies.


The way the platforms operate allows creators to set up benefits for paying customers, where they grant fans exclusive access to their work in exchange for money. For an artist’s work, fans can raise money online.

A distinctive feature of Patreon is that payments continue after a campaign ends, allowing interested contributors to keep up with the artist’s progress.

Artists have the freedom to personalize their pages in any way they like on Patreon. As an artist, you can add levels that provide fans wider and deeper access as they donate more money.

Artists have created tiers on the website ranging in price from $5 to $100,000.

Boost up

The website was developed primarily for long-term crowdsourcing objectives.

After connecting your bank account to the site, money will be credited to your account immediately.

As a savings account is required for registration, the website combines donations and savings accounts.

The website has brand partners and businesses that might be interested in and donate to your cause.

The website does not, however, currently provide a free savings service. You can get in touch with assistance through their website if you need any extra information.


This is a for-profit platform for crowdsourcing donations for charities.

The Crowdrise fundraising approach is a friendlier, more enjoyable method of asking for money to boost donor attraction.

The website encourages users to participate in fundraising by gamifying the experience and awarding points.

The website charges a 5% fee for website upkeep.


The worst issues can be financial ones! Being unable to function in the modern world without money leaves you powerless.

Don’t suffer in silence; look for where to ask for money online. You might be surprised by the number of people who will understand your situation and come to your aid financially.

Additionally, the anonymity provided by the internet will lessen the stress and embarrassment that might result from direct peer-to-peer begging.

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