So you saw a perfect and beautiful watch on and wondering why it is sold for just $2, when the same watch is sold for $150 on Amazon US. Which prompts the question, why is Wish so cheap. I have bought more than 20 products on, and I can confidently answer the question.

Wish is able to offer low prices on its products because it sources them directly from manufacturers who are able to offer lower prices due to lower production costs in their home countries. Also, Wish uses a dynamic pricing model and frequently runs promotions and sales, which can further reduce the price of certain items.


But asides from this summary, there are other factors to consider that will be important before you jump into buying those cheap products from Wish online marketplace. And just to set the records straight, you can use a credit card on Wish without OTP.

why is wish so cheap

10 Reasons Wish is Cheap

From my research and years of buying all my products from, these are the reasons why Wish is cheap.

1.     Low Production Cost

Many sellers on Wish are based in countries with lower labor and production costs, which allows them to offer their products at lower prices. Most of these products are from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in China. This justifies why the prices are relatively cheap.

2.   Wish Dynamic Pricing Model

In case you do not know, Wish uses a dynamic pricing model, so prices can fluctuate based on supply and demand. When the demand of a product is low, the prices go down extremely well to attract buyers to the product.

While looking to figure out the answer to the question why is wish so cheap, remember that the product you are considering might not be in demand as at the time you are viewing.

3.   Promotion and Sales from Wish

Just like other online retail marketplace like AliExpress and Alibaba, often runs promotions and sales, which can further reduce the price of certain items.

To increase the conversion rate of a specific product, Wish might run certain promotions on products they believe customers are checking out often.

4.   Sellers Competition

To keep prices of products on Wish relatively cheap constantly, Wish offers a wide range of products from a variety of sellers, including small businesses, which may have lower overhead costs and be able to offer lower prices.

5.    Knock-Off Products

Before you go ahead to buy some of those cheap products listed on, have this in mind that some sellers on Wish offer generic or knock-off versions of popular products, which may be less expensive than the original brands.

So when you see a Rolex watch for $5, don’t ask why is Wish so cheap, that is a knockoff product. Some wish manufacturers use the platform to sell replicas legally.

6.   Bulk discounts for large orders

Some of the products you see on Wish with a huge cheap price isn’t for retail shoppers. Make sure to read the terms and condition well before trying to make a purchase. Some sellers on Wish offer a very cheap price for people buying in bulk.

7.    Loyalty Prices

If you are a return customer, Wish offers a rewards program for customers who make frequent purchases, which can cause lower prices for certain items.

8.   Special Product Discount

Some products will always be cheap because Wish often offers free or discounted shipping for certain items.

9.   Price Match Guarantee

To remain committed to keeping their prices cheap, Wish has a price match guarantee. This means that if you find the same product at a lower price on another website, Wish will match the price.

10.   Large Selection of Product

Wish has an extensive selection of products, including items that may be more difficult to find elsewhere, which can be a factor in their lower prices.


So, we have seen certain reasons to answer the question why is Wish so cheap. So before you make a purchase, go through all these reasons and find out why the product you are about to buy is cheap.

If you see the replica of a big brand, I will advise you not to buy because you are certainly buying a fake commodity.

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