So occasionally, my followers ask me “which yahoo format can I use to make my client fall in love with me”. Now, the truth is that there is no specific yahoo format to make any client fall in love. All you need is your regular game, expertise, and experience to make a client fall in love. In this post, I will teach you the game and show you a yahoo format to make any client fall in love. All you have to do is follow my outline steps, and you are good to go.

One of the main steps you have to keep note of is ensuring you are valuable. The client can’t see you physically, so they can only have a mental picture of you. And when you make yourself appear valuable, it would lead to a client falling in love with you fast.

Remember, everything we are trying to achieve is legit and legal, so there is no room for illegality. When a client loves you, they can do anything just for you.

So in this tutorial, I will show you how to make yourself valuable, and high-class, which would make any client fall in love with you and listen to your demands. So let me show you a yahoo format to make any client fall in love with you.

yahoo format to make any client fall in love

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Step-by-Step Yahoo Format To Make any Client Fall in Love

So this yahoo format has no name, but it will be a step-by-step guide to follow. I will show you some practical ways I use to make my clients fall in love with me. If you also apply it to your hustle, everything will work out very fine.

Have a Good Bio

Your profile says everything about you because that is the first thing every client will see and judge you with. From reading your bio, and looking at your pictures, they are already having a mental description of you in their head. After that, they are beginning to imagine a lot of things and make conclusions, even before you begin to say “Hello”.

One of the mistakes hustlers make is ‘making a bad impression on their profile’, then trying to force a connection. If there is no connection before the first Hello, there won’t be any kind of connection again.

So, once you are able to fix the initial problem, every other thing would fall into place for you and become easier.

For your profile, you have to use a very good bio that is captivating and interesting. Here is an example of my own bio on the dating websites I use.

If you love the good things of life, then you should be friends with me. Silver and gold I have not, but what I have is loyalty and friendship that you can never forget in life.

I am a successful entrepreneur and founder of many businesses, and I am looking for a partner in laughter and joy. They said you can’t find the love of your life on a dating app, but I want to crush that idea – because I believe it is possible.

Did you smile while reading this my bio? It means that we might have a connection. Feel free to match with me and let’s find out.

Did you see how witty, funny, and concise my dating bio is? That way, any client reading this bio would be smiling.

Post Mixed Quality Pictures

Then the next step would be to post quality pictures that provoke emotions. For me, I recommend that the pictures you should use should achieve two things

  • Compliment your levels as a high-level person
  • Provoke seduction.

To explain this, it means that your pictures should be of two types. The first picture should show you well-dressed in a suit or in an expensive environment.

Then the other pictures should show your seductive body as a man. You can show your six-packs, strong legs, and broad chest.

If you are using a woman profile, then you can show your classy dress and some seductive clothes that can make a man’s head spin.

If you mix these kinds of pictures together, then you can get a perfect bio and format to make any client fall in love.

Ask Open-Ended Questions About Your Client

The next step in our yahoo format to make any client fall in love is to ask open-ended questions that will make your client converse and continue in a discussion with you.

Asking your client questions shows that you are interested in them, but the mistake people make is asking questions that look like an interrogation.

When your questions are like interrogations, you will piss your clients off and they will either block you or become suspicious of you. So the best way would be to ask open-ended questions.

I have written a post on questions to ask your clients, so you can see some good questions to ask your clients.

Propose Long Distance Relationship

Our next step in the yahoo format to make any client fall in love is the long-distance relationship proposal. If your client is single and searching, then the best option would be to propose a long-distance relationship. Ask them if they can cope with a long-distance relationship because of your job.

If they ask for your job, then you can tell them the job you do. Maybe you are an oil rig engineer, or you are in the military posted in Cuba or… just tell them what you do. It could also mean that you work with Tesla as an engineer and you help in mining cobalt in Central Africa.

Make sure you use a VPN to show that you are real. I have recommended a good VPN for yahoo boys. You can click here to read my recommendation.

Either way, you will propose to have a long-distance relationship with them, since you will be coming to visit them often. If your client is comfortable with that, then you will now move forward to find a way to make them fall in love.

Send them Flowers

The best way to show your client that you really care is to send them flowers with a sweet love note. Find a way to get the address and make sure you don’t tell your client the plans you have. Your gift of flowers should come as a surprise.

If you want your client to fall in love and also spoil you, then you also have to invest in them. Make sure you are buying this for only the client that is open to having a relationship with you.

Make sure that the flower comes with a note that clearly shows that you are the person that sent the flowers.

Don’t Always be Available

This is another game to know if you are looking for a format to make any client fall in love. You must have heard the saying that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. This is true for everybody and it works all the time.

Learn to be absent for a period of time, then come back and regenerate the vibe. This will make your client always wonder what is happening with you. Then by thinking about you often, they will start to remember you and have you in mind. What happens is that they begin to miss you, and from there, they start to love you.

Send Love Messages

Surprise your clients with love messages, when they least expect it. Compose a text message and tell them how much you think about them and how you can’t wait to be with them soon.

This will make them smile and leave and big place for you in their heart. With this, they will go through the day thinking about you and even smiling at your messages. This is another step in our format to make a client fall in love with you.

Promise to See Them Soon

The only thing that would end up keeping the relationship going is the promise of meeting very soon. You have to constantly remind your client that you will soon be coming back to meet with them.

Maybe after that, you can shift it forward and give excuses for a job or something else.

But the idea is to make sure that you bill your client before the whole thing collapses or they break up with you.

All of these will make your client fall in love with you. And if you want to bill your client after they are in love with you, there are many options for you.

One of the best I recommend is the Birthday billing format. This is a simple format that everybody can use, and it works perfectly.


Now that you have seen my format to make any client fall in love, you can easily replicate the same. Just to let you know, I don’t use fake pictures for my profile, I use my real pictures. But if you think you aren’t quite attractive, maybe you can regenerate your pictures with AI [Click Here] and make them look more beautiful or handsome. You can see where to get images for yourself by clicking here.

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